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Fantasy Literature for Children and “Young Dracula”

Fantasy literature is another area of interest for today’s children too. The most read and highly anticipated children’s bestseller (though it’s not enough to call it as only a children’s book) is Harry Potter, a series of 7 books by J.K. Rowling, which is also among many beautiful works of fantasy literature and cinema. “Corpse Bride” and “Nightmare Before Christmas”, the wonderful animations of Tim Burton, are unforgettable fantastic musicals for kids as well as adults. On the other hand, “Adams Family” or “the Munsters” from the past are still in our memories as the fantastic sitcoms of our childhood. So the vampires which inhabit a significant space in fantasy, attract the attention of children too as they do for the grown-ups. One of the most famous and succesful written works in this area is “The Little Vampire”, a series of 16 books by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. Besides, some parents who think that the vampires are too gloomy for the world of a child, dont hesitate to put these fun pieces of fantasy on the black list. However, neither Harry Potter aims to fill the minds of children with pagan superstition, nor The Little Vampire (Rudiger) desires to scare them. Right at this point the fantasy literature just get out from under the label of being “the literature of escapism” as some say so. The children learn to face with their fears, the importance of friendship, sacrifice and struggle from these books.
One of these examples is a BBC TV series, a “young” tribute to maybe the most famous persona of the horror genre, Dracula. The series directed by Joss Agnew, as a 14 episode production in 2006 to dish up for the taste of children, tells the story of the friendship between Vlad, Dracula’s son “who doesnt want to be a vampire” and Robin, a “breeder” (mortal) child “who is a die for fan of vampires”. Gerran Howell acting as Vlad, Keith Lee Castle acting as the sanguinary father Dracula and Clare Thomas acting as the pretty vampire sister Ingrid, are quite hot shots for playing as a funny vampire family. The story begins as Vlad moves to a small town in Britain with his father Count Dracula, his sister Ingrid and loyal housekeeper Renfield. While Vlad makes friends with town kids Robin and Chloe Branaugh in no time, he tries to spend his last few years as a “normal” human before becoming an adult vampire. Besides as the trio drive a roraing trade to “keep a low profile” infront of their suspicious vampire hunter school teacher Van Helsing, they share the fun of “childhood” and “being normal”. The funniest characters in the series are Keith Lee acting as a Dracula as scary as Michael Jackson can be and Vlad’s mummified sarcastic (with an accent) pet wolf Zoltan (a puppet). The series are not for adults, so I have to give fair quarters for the low budget production, simple editing and shallow account. But as I watched it with the eyes of a child, I must say I had great fun. I hope that the series will continue in 2007 fall as expected.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

What if you see a vampire in your dream…

There are lots of interpretations for seeing a vampire in your dream, few of them are as follows:

1. The people around you are taking advantage of your goodness
2. Your over-ambitious and edgy behaviours are distressing your marriage.
3. Your friend is betraying you.
4. An acquaintance gets you into Big Trouble.
5. An attractive person whom you meet will harm you.
6. You keep on doing something even though you know it’s no good for you.
7. You lost your virginity (or about to do so)
8. You are feeling emotionally and physically drained.
9. There’s an addict around you.
10. You are in a draining relationship.

Getting bitten by a vampire in your dream means extremely ill omen. If you bite a person as a vampire then you will give serious damage to that person. According to Turkish culture, seeing blood corrupts a dream and the bloody dreams are neither told nor interpreted. Besides, according to foreign resources seeing blood is interpreted as guilt and pain.

The Scariest Top 10 Vampire Movies

Classical list

1. Nosferatu (1920)
2. Dracula (1931)
3. Horror of Dracula (1958)
4. Nosferatu (1979)
5. Near Dark (1987)
6. The Hunger (1983)
7. Fright Night (1985)
8. Salem's Lot (1979)
9. The Lost Boys (1987)
10. The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)

Modern list

1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)
2. Interview with the Vampire (1994)
3. Underworld, series (2003 – 2006)
4. From Dusk Till Dawn, series (1996 - 2000)
5. Blade Trilogy (1998 – 2004)
6. Van Helsing (2004)
7. John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998)
8. Shadow of the Vampire (2000)
9. The Night Flier (1997)
10. Queen of the Damned (2002)

Vampires too have their own documentary

Who says that the vampires dont have a documentary?...No, we are not talking about Amazon vampire bats this time. A documentary called “Vampire Secrets” on vampire phenomena, history and life style displays an in depth panorama for the vampire fans. From the past to present, vampires are told on the basis of real life events and experts in the documentary directed by Diana Zaslaw. The story is illustrated by reenactment technique from Antique Greek, Mesopotamina, Chinese and Indian beliefs up to the recent events of Elizabeth Bathory, Rasputin, the vampire of Haidemaque and Vlad Dracul. The documentary tracks down the traces of vampires in literature from the works of Brams Stoker to Anne Rice’s chronicles. Many other modern things about vampires are also mentioned in the documentary such as role playing games like Vampire: the Masquerade, vampire undergrounds, gothic sub-culture and psychic vampirism. There’s also the still unsolved mystery of Susan Walsh from New Jersey who got dissappeared while searching for the Manhattan vampire in July 16, 1996. The documentary which also contains opinions of experts like the research writer Katherine Ramsland, the American president of Dracula Society J. Gordon Melton, famous fang designer and well-known vampirologist Dr. Thomas Ganza, stands as an archive for the vampire fans.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Vampire vs. Werewolf

The best known movie to put vampires versus werewolves became the “Underworld” series. The movie’s first two installments tells about the story of a werewolf –hunter vampire heroine facing the truth of both race’s history, though the main purpose seems to get the fans of each genre together. In the movie, another race is created (the hybrid) that shows the features of both vampires and werewolves. Besides in the final of the sequel there’s a “happy ending” that vampires are finally able to go out in the sun. The vampires and werevolves are at grips with each other as “noble cats” and “rabid dogs in the movie. There’s no sign of a struggle between vampires and werewolves in mythology despite of novels, games and movies. Both races have their strengths and weaknesses. The most important diffence between them is that the vampires are undead corpses though werewolves are alive but cursed beings. In a possible war, it’s obvious that werewolves cant use any kind of weapons because of their claws and primitive instincts. The modern vampires of today are rambling absolutely as an ammo store with their ninja swords, knives and fireguns shooting off ultra-violet bullets. Vampires can form organized hunting parties like in the “Underworld: Evolution” but werewolves has no such social advantages. Werewolves cant organize during a battle. However vampires being rich and noble means an easy access to every kind of economical and political powers. Werewolves can be predominant in physical strength and aggresiveness but vampires are faster and more agile. Underworld shows that vampires are almost low-hanging fruits for werewolves. Inspite of all their superior qualities, vampires’ weaknesses are too many comparing to werewolves’. The greatest weakness fr vampires is that they cant walk under daylight. They can be killed by any kind of sharp object driven througfh their hearts though werewolves are immune to these things but silver only. On the other hand, the need for drinking blood for vampires is a much worse case than werewolves basic needs. The nature-realted powers and instincts of the werewolves are better than vampires but vampires also have supernatural powers that progress in time.

The “Underworld” series consists of two movies directed by Len Wiseman until now. Both of them sends the viewers to a journey deep into the mysterious depths of the history of vampires and werewolves. In the movie vampires and werewolves are creatures turned into what they are because of a virus. The love story between vampire Selene and werewolf (later hybrid) Michael Corvin resembles a kind of Romeo& Juliet story. The story unfolds with the events surrounding the first immortal Alexander Corvinus having three sons, a human, a vampire and a werewolf. The movie tells about the search for the last human carrying the qualities of both races in his genes beside the struggle between Vampires and Lycans. This last human is noone but Selene’s lover Michael. The story gets rather interesting with the awakening of an elder vampire Viktor. It is revealed that as the first example of love between two races, Lucian (the leader of the pack) and his wife Sonja had fallen in love but Viktor killed his own daughter Sonja with the fear that her baby could be born as a hybrid. Besides it turns up to be Viktor who killed Selene’s parents. The first vampire Marcus wakes up in the end of the first movie. Marcus sets his brother William who is the first werewolf by killing his own father Alexander Corvinus. A family tragedy in other words. In the end, Selen manages to kill Marcus and his brother William with the help of Corvinus and Michael. The last installment of the film is expected to be a prequel. The last movie of the series will be telling the story of how the races were created and the love of Lucian and Sonja. Finally it’s expected to settle a permanent peace between vampires and werewolves.

“Hostel: Part II” makes referral to Elizabeth Bathory

Directed by Eli Roth and produced by Quentin Tarantino “Hostel: Part 2” hit the theaters in June 2007. In the story which continues where “Hostel” left in 2005, the victims are American girl students this time. Three art students; Whitney (Bijou Phillips), Beth (Lauren German) and Lorna (Heather Matarazzo) meet Axelle (Vera Jordanova) in Italy and with her recommendation they take their last holiday trip to Slovakia. It doesnt take much longer for the group to find themselves in the midst of trouble. The main difference of the sequel to the original is the story is not only told by the view of the victims but the clientele. More about the “Elite Hunting” club is revealed comparing the first movie. Maybe that’s why the film editors say that Eli Roth didnt leave much to tell in the next installment. Then there are others who claim that this movie is much more fun but less scary. Besides the film expects to surprise the viewers with an unexpected ending. “Hostel: Part 2” harbours a surprise for the vampire fans too. Eli Roth who joins the cast as a “cut off head” added the movie a scene called “Mrs. Bathory”. Do you think that Roth could even direct a new movie on Elizabeth Bathory in the future?

Dracula: The Truth Untold

Many years ago, when I learned that Dracula is a true living historical personality besides being a horror novel character, I thought that it was a kind of proof to show that vampires really exist. Though the vampire count Dracula character whom we owe to Bram Stoker’s imagination and the Wallachian prince Dracula are far out. Contrary to expectations, the prince who was named as “Kazikli Voyvoda” (Vlad the Impaler) by Turks was not a vampire.
Also there are two Draculas, as father and son, in history. The first of these was Vlad II Dracul, the son of Mircea cel Batran who lived in 1395 up to 1447 in Transylvania. Vlad II Dracul, lived as an ordered prince to protect the trade roads between Transylvania and Wallachia against Ottomans bound to Roman Catholic Church. The name of Dracula, which means “the son of dragon” was taken as being a member the “Order of the Dragon” which was formed by Hungarian King Sigismund in 1408. Dracula, was also used as a word meaning “devil” in the daily tongue of Wallachian peasants. Hungarian King Vladislaus who broke the peace treaty with the Ottomans in 1944, decided to drive the Turks out of Europe with an army under the command of his general John Hunyadi. Vlad II first refused to involve the crusade in the name of the kingdom but later on he was convinced by Pope to send his elder son Mircea II to the war. Then Vlad II had 3 sons, Mircea II, Vlad III and Radu who was converted to Islam. However the crusade army fell into debacle in Varna. Vlad II Dracul and his son Mircea II (who is said to have been buried alive) were known to be assasinated with the order of Hunyadi. After the death of his father and his elder brother, Vlad III accessed the throne and decided to fight against Ottoman Empire, putting an end to the dispute between him and Hunyadi.

The “son” Dracula Vlad Tepeş whom Bram Stoker was inspired, lived among 1431 and 1476.
Vlad III was born as the son of Vlad II and a Moldovian princess. Besides, he was known to have two wives and three sons. Dracula came to the fore with the exceedingly cruel punishments that he executed during his reign. Maybe the most important reason for Bram Stoker to choose Dracula as the character of his novel was this. Vlad III became one of the important leaders who blocked Ottomans expand throughout Europe by defending Wallachia. The infamous feature of his character that was killing the opposers by impaling them, had been the reason of Turks giving him such a name. Vlad III, never trusted his father who refused fighting against Turks and his brother Radu who was converted to Islam. Dracula who won the trust of Hunyadi, struggled against his most hated enemy Sultan Mehmet II, the Ottoman Emperor. But it didnt take too long for Ottomans to enter Transylvania. Vlad who was imprisoned by Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus among 1462 and 1474, accessed to throne once again after the death of his brother Radu. Though, he couldnt sit on his throne for a long time. He was said to have been killed after the Ottomans entered Wallachia in 1476. Dracula, lived in Targovişte and Bucharest during his reign. Dracula ordered the famous Poienari Castle and the monastery near Lake Snagov where he was said to have been buried (though his grave is still missing), which can be visited still today. Poienari Castle is also famous with the tragic incident that his first wife flung herself into the River Argeş flowing down below, after reading a deceitful message that was shot with an arrow to the castle. The other name of the river is known as “Raul Doamnei” (Lady’s River). There are lots of rumors on Dracula’s death. Among all these rumors, it’s told that he was killed in a war against Ottomans near Bucharest or he was assasinated by the Wallachian boyars. According to another story, Vlad was beheaded and his head was sent to İstanbul preserved in honey and displayed publicly with the order of the Sultan.

Vlad Tepeş is remembered as a famous public hero with his honesty and sharp act of justice in
Romanian culture. On the other hand, it’s told that he had been an advocate of extreme violence and cruelty as a ruler. It’s known that in his era there was no sign of thievery among the public who was overfrightened of his punishments. While the German historical records implicate that he was a sadistic monster, Russian historical records depicts him as a cruel but a just prince. Maybe he was considered as a fair man just because he executed the punishments without any discrimination between the adult or the infant, the noble or the peasant. It’s told that he nailed the hats of the Florentine and Ottoman ambassadors to their heads just because they didnt remove them in his presence. The campaigns held to seize the land of Vlad caused the lives of 40.000 Ottoman soldiers. Besides his being obsessive about the chastity of women is among many other stories to be told. Vlad’s favorite torturing method of having the victim impaled with an oily stake, which was attributed to him among so many other methods maybe because of it’s being a long and painful one. After suffering for a few days, the dead bodies of the victims were left to rot on their stakes. There is also a woodcut picture showing Vlad feasting infront of the corpses of a mass impale. It also went down to the history that once Vlad had 30.000 merchants and officials who acted against his authority impaled at a single time in Braşov.

An ancient belief in evil spirits returning from death called “strigoi” or “moroi” in Romanian culture is the basis of the vampire belief. Inspite of the resemblance to the vampire count told in Bram Stoker’s 1897 dated story, Vlad III is not known as a vampire in Romania though otherwise is expected. It’s doubted that Bram Stoker’s Hungarian friend professor Arminius Vambery had told him about this character before. On the other hand, among the Hungarian tales there is a story that Vlad had been buried alive after captivation, his body dissapeared from it’s grave when reopened and several years later there had been some mysterious murders took place in his old castle. It’s been claimed that the novel “Dracula” had been inspired much from the legends surrounding Elizabeth Bathory who liked having bath in the blood of young maidens. Maybe the reason why Bram Stoker settled his famous count in the northern Transylvania instead of Wallachia where Vlad III actually lived, was that the region still had the density of superstition and preserved it’s medieval structure at the times the novel was written.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Freedom of a Vampire

What is freedom for a vampire? Maybe the first answer for this question in your mind is “being able to walk in the sun”. Indeed it’s all up to our own point of view. Vampires love the night, they belong to the night. How come we think that they would like to walk around during the day? According to StreetPoet, vampire’s freedom as a concept, is very different than ours.

“Vampires are free creatures. If you think that they spend the whole day in a coffin, never enjoy a sun bath or drink nothing but blood, they may not be your best type of buddy to go on a holiday together. My opinion is that the meaning of freedom in vampire’s world is way more different than ours. Vampires at first dont get older like us, they dont have to spend a fortune on cosmetics and plastic surgery. When they want to go from a place to another, they dont have to use a bus, or a train or a plane (no possibility of a jet lag). With their perfect memory and abilities like telepathy, they dont have to use PDA’s, lap tops or cell phones. You could find a million other examples like these. You will find as many examples as you consider how talented being these vampires are for real. Or even having the idea of gaining a few of these qualities could easily erase our common sense meaning of freedom at once. All these thoughts make me think that freedom is a relative thing. On the other hand, the real meaning of freedom for vampires could well be unacceptable for us.”

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vampires of the Church, Part II

In my previous piece of writing, I was looking over the vampires and the view of the Christian Church. Besides, the view of the vampires on this matter as a point of fancy, has been revolving in my mind since then. In other words, meanwhile we discuss whether or not to believe in them, what do vampires (or the ones who call themselves as vampires) believe in? When you surf on the web for vampire beliefs, many underground cults and orders cross your path. And most of them are fee charging role playing theme memberships, and the rest is often about spiritual vampirism. It’s also true that most of the vampire fans dont pay too much attention on these. Apparently, you dont have to believe in one of these religions or change your existing belief in order to be a vampire fan. As I was trying to find an expert who did research on these matters, I found Marcia Montenegro. Marcia is a pro astrologer, Christian spiritualist who has a school of her own. It seems to me that Marcia had chosen to become a spiritualist by passing through many different roads. She is known to have studied New age, occult and Eastern disciplines like Zen and Tibetian Buddhism and Hindu mythology. How fortunate we are that, as a person who standing in the crossroads of all these belief systems, she had written an article on vampires and their belief systems. Marcia, as a devoted Christian missioner, had also added some rightful personal comments to her article that she thought that they might “inspire” her readers which I ask for her pardon for my exclusion. I just wanted to share some of the interesting parts on our main plot discussed in her article with the Turkish vampire fans.

“There is a lot of history, myth, and folklore surrounding vampires, from the Bram Stoker novel Dracula and the 1922 silent film, “Nosferatu,” to the 1985 movie “Fright Night” and Anne Rice’s 1976 novel, Interview With A Vampire. What many are unaware of is that today there are those who consider themselves vampires, and there is a real vampire underground in this country and in Europe. But these vampires are not turning into bats. These present-day vampires are people who may not consider themselves totally human, believing that they were born a vampire, or that they became one through some kind of initiation involving blood-drinking and/or sex. The vampire persona may be also taken on as a form of personal expression, or to indicate feeling set apart from society. What is true is that this subculture is totally outside mainstream culture, and is more a rejection of that culture’s values than a rebellion against it.

The vampire subculture covers a range of beliefs and practices. Those involved may:
Limit their involvement to role-playing games and to fantasy
Gather at Goth or similar clubs on the weekends
Be attracted to and involved in erotic practices associated with some forms of vampirism
Be drawn to the occultic, dark side of vampirism
Believe they can gain special powers through blood-drinking
Be in a group or “clan” with others
Identify themselves as a vampire based on their own personal criteria
Since the movement is (sub)culture-driven and leaderless, there is no set of consistent beliefs; there is dispute as to what a vampire really is. The vampire is revered by various people as a romantic hero, as a rebel, as a master of dark powers, as a predator, as an outcast, or as an immortal. Some claim blood-drinking must be a part of it, while others assert that drinking blood is the province of vampire wannabes, and that the true vampire does not need blood but instead feeds off the psychic energy of others.

Many consider contemporary vampire subculture to be a subset of the Goth culture, a movement embracing the romanticism of darkness and the outcast persona, for the vampire sees himself as the outcast of an uncaring society as well as its reflection. Most Goths, it is important to note, are NOT in the vampire subculture. The Goth movement arose out of the punk subculture in the late 1970’s, mainly through music, and as a statement against what was seen as the oppressive, materialistic, and superficial values of mainstream society. Despite their dark fashion, Goths are usually gentle people with artistic and literary tastes. Sometimes their deliberate off-putting look is either a test to see who will accept them for who they really are, or is a way to continue an isolation they are used to. Violence is not a mark of this culture. As a social movement connected to Goth worldviews, the vampire subculture is believed to mirror the predatory nature of a society whose technology and corporate power have eroded intimacy and cast out those who do not submit to its dehumanization. In this sense, society’s dehumanization is mocked by the figure of the vampire, who himself is not considered human.

There is disagreement as to who is a vampire, since the culture attracts diverse types. As in the modern Neopagan movements, there is no authority to decide the standards or definitions. Additionally, many vampires and vampire groups are secretive and are difficult, if not impossible, to investigate. In this respect, it is not unlike Satanism, whose high degree of secrecy prevents a clear or consistent understanding of its practices and practitioners. Many believe that there are those who can extract or weaken the “psychic energy” of a person. Those who hold to this view believe that the person who does this is a vampire because he/she is draining another of their aura, vitality, or emotional, physical or psychological energy. There is no coherent or consistent ideology in this subculture. One may find vampires who practice or believe in agnosticism, sorcery, various occult beliefs, reincarnation, or a mixture of these. Most vampires reflect the same attitude as Goths, that everyone has a right to their own beliefs. Before you dialogue with a Goth or someone into a vampiric lifestyle, be sure that you are concerned for them as a person and respect them as such.

Marcia Montenegro, also names a few books on this matter in her article for the fans:
Katherine Ramsland, Piercing the Darkness: “Undercover with Vampires in America Today”
Jeff Guinn, “Something in the Blood”
Rosemary Guiley, “Vampires Among Us”

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Vampires of the Church

When you look at the roots of the vampire belief you can travel many ages back. They suggest that the vampire folklore is spread to the Mediterannean, the Balkans and the rest of the Europe via arteries of commerce like Silk Road from the Far East and India and by the immigrant societies like gypsies from Egypt. But the cardinal piece of the vampire cult of today is occupied by the two millenia old religion Christianity and its imagery. The church, the cross, the holy water or the priest which are the symbols belong to Christianity, appear in many works of art about vampires and are shown as means of defence against vampires. On the other hand, there are few other works which dont cover any of these items, or even ignore them totally. Today’s succesful vampire novelist Anne Rice, to surprise many of her fans, is writing on the life of Jesus Christ instead of writing vampire novels. The critics say that what has been told in her new series are not compatible to the Christian history and they only depict the version of Christianity which only belongs to Anne Rice who returned to Catholic religion and put an end to her vampire chronicles in which her vampire hero Lestat drank Jesus Chrsit’s blood. Although the hypothesis that the vampire belief was spread from the Eastern Europe has already become antiquated, there are many reasons why the vampires are considered as the evil enemies of the church. First of all, among the causes of the dominant effect of Christianity on vampire cult, stands the existence of themes such as “the blood of Christ, exorcism and resurrection”.

From the Middle Ages until today, the Church positing everything belongs to paganism as “evil”, is considered as the only center of power against vampires. The main reason why vampires are believed to get scared of the cross is that it symbolize the resurrection of Christ as an anti-thesis of vampires’ being born into darkness. In the Middle Ages, the Church accepted the donation of lands from people who didnt want their beloved ones return from the grave as vampires. Because according to the common belief, a dead person buried in the sanctified soil of a land wouldnt become a vampire and all the land that were sanctified belonged to the Church of course. The pagan beliefs which were considered as superstition were in the base of the fears that caused these people to be exploited like that. The old pagan beliefs such as sprinkling poppy or millet over the grave of a vampire would detain the undead, were then replaced with Christian items like the holy water, the holy bread. Besides some pagan items such as garlic and silver were kept in use with other Christian symbols. Paganism still exists today, like the vampire belief, it carries on its existence with the neo-paganist schools. In other words, vampires already have their own churches today.

There are some conflict beliefs about vampires among Christian churches as is the case in many other plots. While the Catholic church believed that the preserved corpses belonged to the saints, the Orthodox church believed unrotten bodies belonged to vampires. According to the declaration of preserved corpses were considered as saints, the embalming of the dead had become a common practice. Though it’s quite inconcievebale that the Church cogitated a lot about vampires that were just a motif in pagan culture. Because everything known as supernatural or indeed everything natural could cause someone to be labeled as a witch. Especially in the 18th century, the vampire incidents that took place in the Eastern Europe led the Church’s inquisitions on the matter. There were also some ecclesiastics like Antoine Augustin Calmet of the era who studied on vampires. After Maria Theresa, the empress of Austria missioned someone to investigate this matter and declared that vampires dont exist, the hysteria of vampires in the Europe came to an end for a period time. But with the special interest of the world of art in vampires in the following years put the topic back on the agenda once again. It’s still unknown if the vampires exist or not but the belief in them still carries on. 22nd of April (or 4th of May according to Gregorians) the eve of St. George and 30th of November the eve of St. Andrew are still known as the special dates when the evil forces are in charge of their evil deeds every year.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lucy Liu turns into a vampire hell cat in “Rise:Blood Hunter”

The new vampire movie starring Lucy Liu (Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels) and Marilyn Manson has been completed in Los Angeles. In the movie, Lucy Liu plays a reporter named Sadie Blake who discovers that she is no longer in the world of the living after waking up in a morgue. Instead of joining the legion of the undead, Sadie decides to take revenge on the ones who turned her into a vampire with the help of a police detective. “Gothika” famed Sebastian Gutierrez undertakes the directorship of the movie. For the movie that has been shot in modern “film noir” style, director Gutierrez explains that the story is simple but it has been told in a different way than the other films of the genre. The characters in the movie are far away from the classical vampire myth. The movie may dash the hopes of the movie-goers who expect some Anne Rice kind of gothic atmosphere or Underworld style of action. The director adds up to his speech by saying that he has been moved by “Near Dark” and “The Hunger” in making his movie. It has also been said that Gutierres is currently working on the scenario of Hideo Nakata’s next Hollywood remake “The Eye”.

Please do not disturb!!! Room “1048”

Based on a Stephen King short story of the same name “1408”, tells us what happens to Mike Enslin (John Cusack), an author of books on supernatural phenomena, in the haunted room 1408 of the fabled New York City hotel. Despite of the hotel manager Mr Olin’s (Samuel L. Jackson) warnings, Enslin decides to stay at the hotel room and eventually faces the dangers waiting for him. The movie adaptation of the story which was inspired from real-life back page news read by Stephen King himself, has already received some rather bad critics from the first time watchers. The movie which has been considered as another awful movie adaption of Stephen King’s works will draw the fans of the author into the movie halls however. Also the remake of “Pet Sematary” is eagerly anticipated, as being one of the succesful movie adaptations of King, starring George Clooney this time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What if eveything was just a big lie?…

“Shadow of the Vampire” was one of the off-beat movies of the genre. The film tells the story of a real vampire called Max Schreck (played by Willem Dafoe) pretending to be an actor playing a vampire. In the film, it’s cross-examined whether the one who kills by its nature or the one kills in order to verify his existence through his art is “the real monster”. It shows how our point of view is changed by morality and logical thinking although the place of “the act of murdering” doesnt change in a human’s basic needs hierarchy. The fictional irony here repeats itself in the real life with too many different faces. We live in a world that the ruling paranoia of nothing and noone is really what it seems to be. On the other hand, some people who hide behind the mysterious mask of vampire myth feeds our paranoia within us.

There are many people who are curious if the vampires are for real as many as there are some others who claim to live this mystery in person. But why do these people claim to be vampires? What are they really trying to do by doing so? Is it their fear which they hide from everyone behind a veil of mystery that they weave around themselves? Modern science says vampires do not exist, though some so-called scientists sugest the opposite. The ones who claim to be vampires are busy by adding up some alternatives to the stereotype of common knowledge vampire and broadening the definitions. What if they are vampires indeed, what would it change?... Internet is full of people who say they are real vampires. In same the group of people there appears a wide scala of high school teenage girls or elder psychopaths. Pretending to be vampire isnt just limited with the apparel. Some so-called vampires say they feed on blood and even enjoy doing it.

I want to tell you that I dont believe that there are such vampires found in our reality like the ones told in the books. Eternal life and the adjoining super human powers are maybe the biggest dreams of humanity. The materialization of such dreams is leading us to the vampire character who possess all of these. I believe that the vampires in real life (not the “real” vampires in life) are just people living in their own reality. If this reality is just a big lie for us all, these people are so fond of being what they are. Should they be called “liars”? I’d rather not. Instead of using the terms of the modern psychology, I wont make anything go with that. The eternal life could well be scientifically managed dream of the future. Possibly it wont have anything to do with vampirism or blood drinking. If vampires are not for real, then why are so many people interested in them? In order to explain it by an example, nobody could comment on that I wouldnt want to see the next Spider Man movie just because He doesnt really exist. Vampires will always attract my attention I guess. Well, isnt it some kind of eternal life?...


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Will Smith’s vampire movie “I Am Legend”

A December 2007 dated vampire movie "will" draw your attention. Will Smith (Men In Black, Independence Day, I Robot, Bad Boys) is acting as the last man standing in a post-apocalyptic world. In “I Am Legend”, the thing that brings the end of the world is a pandemic which turns everyone into vampires. The director of the movie is Frances Lawrence who became famous with directing music videos of pop divas like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez. The film is a resurrection of an old project left on the shelf in the 1990’s with Ridley Scott directing and Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the lead role. The directorship of the project which has been postponed for the budget and time matters had also been offered to Guillermo del Toro, the producer of “Pan’s Labyrinth” and the director of “HellBoy, Blade 2 and Mimic”. Will Smith, acting as Rober Neville, invites his fans once again to an action overdose adventure.
For the trailer of the movie:

Making career as a vampire…

"Contrary to the widespread belief of vampires being idly roaming asocial parasites, why not believing that some of them prefer to contribute to the community in which they are living? The savagery in the working life (low wages, violation of personal freedom, mobbing, favouritilism etc.) is maybe a much more merciless kind of wild life than the so-called nature of vampires. Indeed, the main reason of why the big bosses are considered as vampires by the the staff is that vampires are often identified as parasites… (oops) … Personally I dont think that even those aristocratic vampires who live in mansions inherited from their ancestors just dont sit doing nothing at all. So what do these vampires do to make a living?... It’s easy to say “I am a vampire, looking for a job…” but the business world is always more interested in what kind of contribution you could make, your talents and your strengths. When you go as “I am a vampire, I can do almost anything”, it’s only a matter of time that you may find yourself picking up the dirty plates in a sunny vacation village. If you dont want an instant suntan, you gotta be careful about chosing a job. Your life style, habits, personality can gice you some clues about your right choice of job.

If you are a vampire who doesnt like talking a lot and you wouldnt mind getting a very qualified work to do, then your best suit is the night shift. You can easily register working late hours as a cleaner in a hotel, a morgue officer in hospitals, a night watcher, a parking lot employee, a security guard or similar jobs. Or you got a sleeping problem and you think that making money instead of sleeping in a coffin is much more rational, then selling tickets at the metro station is a catchy one for you. Or lets say you like talking to people, which means that you dont barely see them as food. Then the night clubs or the bars are waiting for amusing and talkative vampires like you. You can either move behind the counter or do stand-up on the nearby stage. If you have musical abilities and you like the public attention, joining a rock band or playing the DJ could rather be satisfactory for you. Or loud music may be jarring your vampire-sensitive ears abut you got an impressive tone (vampires are often like that), then it may not be a bad idea to work as a night shift operator in a call-center. On the other hand if you are a true blue blood, being the curator of a museum, an art dealer in a gallery or a designer are your tailor made jobs. Let’s say you like free lance jobs… this area is all up to your imagination. You can either hunt down the criminals at nights as an unknown super hero, or direct some horror movies that everyone dies to see the next installment or become a dedicated writer like StreetPoet.

Well, could the A class vampires be succesful in business world?... For instance Count Dracula could turn his own castle into a a profit center of tourism, Elizabeth Bathory and St Germain could invest in helath and beauty products. Being the infamous vampires of “the Vampire Chronicles”, Vampire Armand could make an extra ordinary art dealer, Vampire Lestat a mega rock star and Vampire Louis a top fashion designer without any talents more than what they already have. It’s clear that Blade (from “Blade”) and Selen (from “Underworld”) seem so fond of being the super heros of the night. So here’s the conclusion: Being a vampire doesnt mean that you cant make a career of your own."


Saturday, June 09, 2007

How to Dissappear Completely?...

As is known, vampires are quite talented night creatures. Streetpoet made a research on vampire’s “invisibility power”, here are the results:

“Invisibility is such a talent which is generally obtained by magic or technology and also a case that is theoretically possible. The reflection of light in our eyes is what makes an object visible for us. So invisibility is theoretically obtained by objects which lets the light through (permeability) or dont reflect any light (transparency). There are no 100% transparent objects in evident nature. Besides invisibility depends on what or who is the viewer. When environmental conditions are taken in account, vampires are such creatures who know how to hide well, which makes them invisible easily. Dark places, the choice of black as camouflage or the well considering the victim’s blind spot helps vampires to become invisible without much effort. Vampires’ power of moving faster than light is also a much prefered method for invisibility. A physics experiment in year 2006 proved that an object can be invisible by the help of nanoscale crystals which holds the electrons inside. On the other hand by the help of some costumes called optical camouflage, the background view of an object can be projected at the front. Also some planes which can not be detected by radars are good examples for technically invisible objects.

Beyond being scientific, the use of magic for invisibility is a well known method for vampires too. Vampires who use rings, cloaks or talismans, elixirs or magic spells can also become invisible. Also in the Middle Ages, fern or crystal ball were considered as a magical material to gain invisibility. In the mythology, Leprechauns and Chinese dragons were such creatures which were able to become invisible by reducing their size into smallest bits. Also Perseus had defeated Medusa by the help of an invisibility cloak. Besides, goblins, brownies, ghosts, demons, god and goddesses, angels and devils are among those creature which are all capable of becoming invisible at will. In the Book of Golden Dawn, Artemis Fowl, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Rings or the modern era Harry Potter books, we come across with the invisibility related themes. I Streetpoet must admit my admiration of the Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland” which is able to become partially invisible.

As we return to the vampires again, it’s certain that they are among the best talents in pratice of invisiblity. According to a common belief, they can maintain their invisibility as long as they dont move. But the ones which made a progress in their talents are even able to hunt when invisible. But why should a vampire want to hunt when invisible? Do you think that there are some inconfident vampires who think of letting their victims get away from their hands so easily?...”

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another vampire fiction series on TV: “Blood Ties”

The vampire fiction TV series “Blood Ties” which has been shown on Canadian TV since 11th March 2007, will be on air again during the fall of this year. The series that were based on and adapted from the “Blood Books” of Tanya Huff, tells the story of a former cop called Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox) who starts working as a private investigator after becoming “retinitis pigmentosa” patient. Vicki tries to solve the mysterious events which take place in the city, with the help of a 450 year old vampire and illegitimate son of Henry the VIII called Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid), her former lover and partner Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal) and her business partner Coreen Fennel (Gina Holden). Blood Ties will premiere in 2007 August in Canada. The series will be shown in the UK this summer and has been sold to France, Germany and Israel too.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Upcoming Vampire Movies!!!

Ethan Hawke (Uma Thurman’s ex-husband, “Dead Poets Society, Reality Bites, Gattaca” star) has signed contract for Lionsgate's futuristic vampire film “Daybreakers”. The movie will be directed by Peter and Michael Spierig in Australia, and the plot is similar to the Milla Jovovich’s vampire movie “Ultraviolet”. Hawke will play a researcher in the year 2017, when a plague has transformed most of the world's population into vampires. In the story, as the human population nears extinction, vampires must capture and farm every remaining human or find a blood substitute before time runs out. The movie that a group of vampires struggles to save the human race, is expected to be on air before 2008.

Hilary Swank's production company has picked up the rights to John Marks’ novel “Fangland”. Swank will be starring as Evangeline Harker, an ambitious woman working on the TV news who travels to Romania to tape a piece on an area crime lord named Ion Torgu, and faces a case much worse than expected. Swank already has a lot on her schedule at the moment, including the psychological thriller “Labyrinth”. Academy award winner Swank’s movie career had also begun with a debut role in the 1992 vampire film “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Saturday, June 02, 2007

NEW!!! Beginning "2nd Volume"

It was a night that the stars were glittering like magical gems on the sky. The oldest district of the town with its narrow alleys swept with silence was at temporal peace that came with the night. The shadows that were roaming in the courtyards of the houses facing each other were murmuring with trouble, looking for a place to hide among the branches of the orchard, at the roof tops and in blind corners. The old jeweller was yet awake. He was sitting in the courtyard, his eyes were waiting for the mysterious shadow to enter from the wooden doors. He moved slightly with unease at his place when an inauspicious bluish green light flashed on the eastern side of the town. His hands were sweaty, he walked to the fountain in the garden to wash his face. Before he plunged his hands into the waters still surface, he saw the reflection of the stars in there, he mildly wet his face and took a deep breath for relief. Some of the stars brightness cauht his attention. When he was thinking how these two stars resembled two white light balls rotating around themselves, they began to shift away. He feared as if the sky was to fall upon him. When he raised his head he met with his mysterious visitor with eyes like white light balls. As the old man’s heart paced rapidly, the stranger began to speak with an inhuman voice.
“How bright are the stars tonight”
The man felt that his heart was stricken with fear, he opened up his mouth unable to make any sound.
“I know. You have been waiting for this for all your life. And me? You have no idea how long it has been for me”
The stranger pointed at the sofa. The old man felt the ground moving under his feet and found himself sitting infront of the stranger.
“There’s no time left master. You have to make what I want you to make with the things I brought to you” The man held his head down as if he understood.
“You know what your reward is for that. You cant stya here…”
Tears became visible at the old man’s eyes. He felt like he made a wrong choice but there was no turning back. He had to do what he was supposed to do.
“You will go to the place that I will show you. Somwhere close to here. But you can never come back. I guess I dont have to remind you that you cant go anywhere until I ask of you to do otherwise. I will be watching you”
As the tears rolled down the old man felt cold fingers moving over his face.
“The tears of fate?...Look at me”
The old man look upon the face of a womanlike creature seemed to be made of glass”
“In my eyes, you will see what you have to do. Cut this into five pieces. Each piece will tell you what to do”
The woman dropped in the dark skinned hand of the man a big diamond that shone as if there was a light source within. Then the man looked like he was alive once again, like someone who found a new reason.
“I know you are gifted Ali. It’s something that passed from your ancestors, there wont be any mistakes this time, you know”
The old mans face was sour like he remembered something bad.“Now…You are bound to make it”

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Snow White Queen in İstanbul

Evanescence is visiting İstanbul on the second leg of their world tour. Right after the concerts held in Russia and Greece, the band will perform on 24th of June 2007, at 9PM in Kurucesme Arena, İstanbul. Amy Lee, the “Snow White Queen” of Gothic Rock will meet her fans in Turkey for the first time in the concert which the band will perform with a new line-up. Amy Lee, as known to enjoy vampire movies a lot, was acting as Red Riding Hood flying up in the air like a vampire in "Call Me When You're Sober", the first video single from the band’s second and last album “The Open Door”. The Snow White Queen is waiting for you to her concert, to listen to the live Evanescence classics which will take place in the favorite albums list of every vampire fan forever.
“…Darling, I forgive you after all.
Anything is better than to be alone.
And in the end I guess I had to fall.
Always find my place among the ashes…”
/ “Lithium” / The Open Door (2006)

“2… 3... 4…”

StreetPoet logged in his blog on 22nd of September for the last time. Our mysterious writer who hasnt been seen around since then adds something new to the blog after “2… 3... 4…” days. We added the last two Bakersdozen stories which had been waiting to be published on the blog symbolically since last year. We dont have any idea about the plans for the future but we managed to make a short phone call asking him what he had been doing all this time:
Q: It’s been a long time indeed… why are you back?
A: The time that you call a long time is not so very long for a vampire. That’s why vampires didnt realize how long I had been gone I guess. I felt like I had to write blog entries again. Maybe the things I have to tell isnt over yet. I dont know exactly what has happened to me but it had something to do with my biological clock. Also I have one of those little counters inside me like anyone else. Time has always shown what is going to happen next. We’ll see together what comes next.
Q: Then welcome… what have you been doing all this time?
A: On the contrary of everyone’s expectations I am not a vampire. I have to work, and continue to work to lead my life. I am still doing so. I am doing something I like, “I write”.
My writings are not about vampires, they dont pay me for that, I am not making money out of vampires (laughs). It’s open to discussion whether a writer is a good one if he’s not earning money out of his work. I am finally making money by writing but I am still far away from making money out of what I like to write, I dont expect that. I still like to write what I like to share. What did I do all this time?.. I listened to as much music as I do all times. I spent time on watching things instead of reading books. There are super fantastic series really. I recommend those.
Q: We have heard that you dont watch TV..?? What happened?...
A: I still dont. DVD and movies only.
Q: Are Bakersdozen stories going to continue? Are you going to write anything new about the character?
A: I actually thought of Bakersdozen as the first step of a vampire trilogy. That’s why Bakersdozen is absent in the second volume. However at the end of the first volume there’s hardly anything left to tell about Bakersdozen. The rest is left for the imagination of the readers. I wrote the second volume for women. The main character in the next volume is a heroine. And it’s not a “tredecimal” one, it’s special for Bakersdozen. The last two Bakersdozen stories are on the blog today and it’s sad for the fans that it’s over.
Q: Today is “Mother’s Day” too, got a special note?
A: What a coincidence…Sure. Thanks to all mothers for their creativity and bravery.
Q: Thanx.
A: Anytime bud.

Saint on the Roof

I have the first lights of the sun like in that aria I like to listen, and so many things less... The view I watch every night from the roof that I live is breath-takingly beautiful. Sometimes at night, after placing a favorite record on my old faithful phonograph I open the door of the balcony, I dive in to explore this marvelous scenery everytime with the taste of the tea I make. I have lived long enough in this city as I dont miss the country that I came from anymore, and also I am happy to be here. I think, my only support in the struggle of this lonely life is having a strong belief. According to me, having a belief is like knowing the road that you go. Otherwise how lost and helpless is the man, what is the meaning of his existence or the opposite, his extinction...?
When I returned home that night, there was a surprise waiting for me in my one room flat on the roof: a stranger. As I found him sitting on a chair infront of my balcony I asked him with an inacurate accent yet I couldnt establish: "What do you want? Who are you?" The thoughts that crossed my mind were exactly these: he was either a thief or a killer, he would act like that soon and the end was my fate... "Dont be afraid", he said, "I only want to talk" I hanged my raincoat on the back of the door and calmly reached for the kettle on the table. "Tea?" When he refused my offer by shaking his head, I couldnt understand what he really meant. "Let me make tea for myself then, ok?..." I put the kettle over the fire after I filled it with water from from the tap at a small distance then I sat on my bed. There was no place to sit in my room as I had no visitors. "Yes, I am listening to you...", I said. He gave me the papers that he took out of his pocket. "These writings belong to me and I want to leave them to you, if you dont mind", he said. I asked him if he was wanted by the police or not while looking at his notes. He said that it was not that easy, the things that struck my eye in his notes wasnt so significant to me. "Would you like to tell what happened?", I said looking into his eyes.
He told me everything he had known for hours. He expected me to believe in all but it wasnt so easy for me... After all I had heard, I thought that he was crazy. When he said he wanted to make a small demonstration for me I truly began to feel afraid. "You have a knife?", he had asked. I could only shake my head I guess, meaning -why?-. At last I was about to meet my fears. I remember how I trembled while holding out the knife. As he didnt want to extend this torture, he stabbed the knife into his arm and the tip of the knife burst out from the other side of his arm, then he drew it back. I was looking at him taken aback with surprise that I saw no sign of pain on his face. The wound closed slowly as the blood spilled on the carpet dissappeared like being vaporized. "Do you believe in me now?" After I overthrow the shock I daringly touched where the wound once had been. I managed to say: "You are serious!" All of a sudden we began to laugh, I guess we both had a nervous breakdown. "Yes, I want to meet with the sun at last", he said then. "Help me for the first lights of the day to find me again. I want to put an end to this eternal night, I want to end it the way I want. Please"
There were a few hours before the sunrise. I dont know why priests have to face such things that nobody dares to do but I think it is our price to pay. He fastened himself on the barrier of the balcony with handcuffs he brought. He gave me the keys. "Whatever I say, never give those keys back to me. Just wait until it's all over... Put my remains inside a box and carry out my last will" A visionary scene came infront of my eyes. I was at the back of a boat, passing by a big island. After being sure that noone was around I opened up the box in my hand and threw the ashes over the sea... If He existed somehow there had to be a reason!? "This is suicide", I said. I had to stop this. "You cant make me an accomplice for this last sin of yours" As I unlocked the handcuffs I felt him pierce his teeth into my neck. The story of the saint on the roof ends here... The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.

Vampire Hunter

I had so many reasons to get out of my hiding place. I couldn't stay there any longer. He could definitely find me. I felt him around. It was better that he found me at once, before I was drained of my stregth... I was so hungry. I had to hunt instantly and had to manage hunting without being hunted. Nobody can stay as the hunter till the end of his life. A hunter must consider being hunted as well before he went hunting. If the hunter is doing his work by drawing the attention of the other hunters, he is about to make his absolute finale. In the last few centuries, the vampire nation that has become a minority of growing numbers, had always been raising the appetite of a more cunning group of bloodsuckers within the society they had hunted. There was a population out of control in the vampires' world and a lot of things that were once concealed were done in the eye of the public. The number of the houses of pact were increasing day by day. And for some lucky mortals, there was only one thing that money couldnt buy yet: a life eternal. It made no sense how rich you could be as long as you died someday. It may not be a suitable thing to tell here of all the advantages of being immortal...
In order to gain immortality, many medical methods were experimented but the results were all unprosperous. There was only one solution left: to trap a vampire. Though you had to think and act like a vampire to be able to catch one. The only thing to do was to overtake a vampire who was ready to betray his community. And it didnt take long for them to succeed. In a short time, it became a sector, causing the genesis of a new community of lowbloods and vampire hunters serving them. In this stage, a war began in between lowbloods and highbloods. Fascinating things occured too in this period of time that many lowbloods and humans were killed. Some vampire hunters decided to fight by the side of the highbloods that were once hunted by themselves. And some of the hunters chose to be a lowblood immortal to fight on the side of lowblood vampires. The carnage that was caused by the lowbloods were mostly against the innocent humans. Many humans were secretly slaughtered in the feeding farmhouses which were built in the name of a property hospital or a research foundation. I cant say that these farmhouses served any different than the houses of pact though their capacity mustn't be compared to the others. I havent been on any of these sides, and I dont want to. The one who had made the choice for me was a man who turned me into a highblood vampire. I only want to say that nothing is exactly what it seems or as much as it is indeed. In general the one who has the power is the one who is more honorable...
He was standing right infront of me in the middle of the dark alley. This lowblood vampire hunter had been after me for some time. I spoke to him saying he had always been rude to me and interrupted my dinner time. It was bluff, I had none of my weapons with me, I began to think of my death but I wouldn't make it easy for him. I jumped fast as he ran at me swinging his sword that he unlatched from its place around his waist. He saw me vanishing behind a car. He went to the other side of the car but I wasn't there. After he took off and turned the car on its side with his immortal strength, he saw the open lid of the sewer. He again came after me. I went outside after I ran for some time. I climbed up on the city walls an hid myself under the vines. I had to stay motionless and stop every thought that passed through my mind. Then he jumped out of the hole I came. He was crazed in anger. After glancing around he looked upon the city walls. He took out a gun from his waist and started shooting at the vines that were hanging down the walls. It was easier to smell the blood than to see. My mind began crying out silent screams of panic again with the two bullets that went through my neck and my arm. I was about to be deprived of my strength with the new wounds I got. I found a gap in the wall and I casted my body into it with the last drop of my energy. I was in a dark and damp vault and the only way out of there was that opening on the wall which I fell from. I slept for days in the mould scented mud that I was buried in, my wounds got healed. I was so lucky that he couldnt find me under the mud. When I woke up, the night was waiting for me again. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Name Is "Undead" -synopsis-

The day is like a photograph that burns in the fire and turns into ashes. When it's ashes cover the city all over, my time begins. I wake up in my bed and let everything that must be remembered rush into my memory. Everytime I open the door of my dark room I feel it opens into eternity, that's the time when I remember again that I am an immortal. Then I look at myself in the mirror and I think about the truth behind this vision. I ask myself "what is my name?"... It is not true that the vampires can not cast their vision at the mirror... This is only the solicitude of envious mortals, we are not cross with the mirrors because we never age. Mirrors dont know our names, dont show who we really are, why shouldn't we trust them?...It's like a best friend who is not supposed to know your name. But every one of us has a name... Names that noone ever knows for real....
Months ago there happened an acquaintance with a young teacher who moved to the flat opposite of mine after his daring violation of the strict rule of the city life: that is to know your neighbour! His search for the warm provincial relations that he was familiar, caused him to knock on my door in such hours which could be dangerous for him. As a person who couldnt approve his way of communication that he was trying to build, I didn't open the door although he knocked many times. But I must confess that I watched him from my kitchen window who looked right into his kitchen and I listened to him while talking to himself. One night I realized he too was trying to see inside my flat from his window, though I had been watching him in the dark. It was one of those days again which nobody living in the same apartment stepped into his kitchen although being invited and he was lost in the desperation in the middle of his growing loneliness, I decided to open up the door. But it wasn't so easy for me.
There are many principles of living in a big city but the most important and the only rule that must never be mistaken is: you can't trust people! There is the new order of this century that is becoming global day by day and spreading like a plague, noone can deny it. Even the vampires must obey the rules to survive. Now we live in those days which we are getting used to hear that everyone has a philosophy in life, this young teacher wasn't from the majority who thought that life kept on betraying themselves. Curious he was, a man trying to look for reasonable answers to his questions, extraordinarly fearless and challenging... He stepped inside without waiting for an invitation on the first night I opened my door, it was a short but delightful talk we had in between. He talked honetly about his view on his studies and his life, I guess there is no need to explain how I knew he could be so honest. His life wasnt troubling him as it used to do in the past and he was saying that he hadn't much hope about it too. At least it was like that for some time. And it was inevitably his turn to ask. Who was I?... It was late, he had to go, he was taken to the door with the hope of his next visit.
We met many times later on, had long discussions. He was a good at speech. I could understand how much he trusted me in time. He never gave up telling his own story just because I didn't answer all of his questions or compelled to answer them crookedly. It was really so easy for my immortal memory to exactly remember every lie I had told him but you mustn't fotget immortals can have scruples about. Not every one of them indeed but I myself is a bit about that kind... In a few months I had made a friend whom I had known every little detail of his life. I knew that he never told anyone about me, he did eveything for me to trust him but still he didn't know myreal name. In return, I had already dined before I met him and this made our conversations more secure for him and more bearable for me. My best service for him, excluding my friendship for sure, was to spare his life. I knew that I wouldn?t see him again the day I told him the truth, but the most surprising thing was that he did what I had thought: vanishing!?... He had left a message behind: "I wanted to be the only immortal who knew where you lived, forgive me for I couldn't stay long enough to see that you wouldn't trust me and wish me luck, my friend"... The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Light and Shade -synopsis-

I had been watching her for a few nights. She was a very beautiful young woman. She was a bit different though. And also very common in many ways. A few days ago, she was there with the girl that she had danced together in a very crowded bar. We were in a cinema. The sweet shine of the sunlight filled the curtain but she looked brighter than the sun which I had forgotten long ago. Her skin seemed to sparkle in the dark, smooth and soft. She didnt know that I touched her, it was impossible for her to know as the time didnt flow in the same speed for us. I had watched her too long like watching a miracle on the first day I had seen her smile. Her teeth were so white, luminous like a vampire?s but in better shape. Her lips were corpulent and seductive and they were like velvet cushions on which those wonderful jewels were displayed. Her body swayed with the music tenderly like a cat.
There were twelve people or so in the hall. Her wavy haired girlfriend put her hand over hers to caress. I knew that those two shared more than friendship. She didnt care much about it but the other one loved her. She turned his head and peered into the hall, there was only me sitting behind them and the hall was light enough for me to read from her eyes what she was about to do. Then she kissed the other girl's lips without hesitate. And she licked her own lips after she glanced at her back again. I wasnt watching the movie. I didnt think that she cared watching the movie too, she was turning her head time to time to observe my face. It was so easy for me to realize that she was looking at me with a coquettish smile as she thought I couldnt see in the dark. The movie wasnt over yet but I got up and walked past her seat to the exit. She whispered her girlfriend's ear that she had to go to the toilette. What a lie!
When she stepped into the corridor, I embraced her on her back. I kissed her neck lightly adn turned her face to mine. I looked at her eyes and pressed my lips against hers. I could hear her heartbeat. Certainly she wasnt doing it for the first time but I could feel how excited she was. I was inhaling her breath as she exhaled while feeling the soft heat of her tongue. She didnt go back to the hall, we left the cinema together. After a short time we entered a dark apartment. I knew she wanted me and I wanted her too. She was holding my hand and pulling me into the darkness. We went up the spiral staircase. From time to time, she was lit by the weak light that entered from the small windows of the staircase. So sometimes she turned into a source of light first and then to a scary silhouette. She stopped in the middle of the stairs and pulled me closer. At the moment a door slammed somewhere on the upper floors. She looked up and just smiled, and then licked my lips.
She climbed upon my lap with the her arms that encircled my neck. She twisted her legs around my body and we kept making love on a window sill. I could feel that she moaned gently. I readily felt the sharp end of the steel that went into my body several times. I was watching her eyes in the dark, they were perfect, eyes totaly unaware of what she was doing. She was holding a big springy knife in her hand and she stopped squirming on my lap as she waited for me to fall down. Then she pushed me away. She was left alone in the dark. She wasnt able to see me. She put the knife back in her pocket and kneeled down to search for my body. How scary it could be if she realized I was so very close to her. She deserved it indeed but I was delaying the time for it on purpose. I stood lying still at the end of the stairs for her to find me there. Her hands searched over my body, slowly took out my wallet and then looked for the wounds that should be there. When she couldnt find them, she was in panic. I stood up introducing my teeth to her beautiful neck while closing her mouth with my hand. She was fighting against me. We began walking up the stairs together. She looked like a gazelle hanging from the jaws of a lion. By the time we reached to the top, she was dying. I looked into her eyes and saw the shades wrapping on to the light in them. I jumped into the hollow of the stairs with her. She didnt make a sound on her way down. Except her breaking skull that hit on the hard floor. I kissed her goodbye. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

All Times Vampire Books List

According to a well-known vampire resource website "realm of darkness", all times favorite list of vampire books is as follows:
01 Interview With the Vampire
02 Queen of the Damned
03 The Vampire Lestat

04 Anita Blake series
05 The Vampire Chronicles
06 Bram Stoker's Dracula
07 The Vampire Armand
08 Memnoch the Devil
09 Blood and Gold
10 The Vampire Encyclopedia

It's incredible that 7 out of 10 is Anne Rice's, all hail the Queen of Vampires.

Vampire Probability Test

So now that you know your name (from the previous post), but are you sure what you think you are?:)... Here's a link to a test to learn how much vampire is there in you. Just give 1 point for each "yes" answer and count your score.

Vampire, what is your name?

You, who suspect that you yourselves are vampires. Enter your name, surname and gender on this website, then press "seek vampire" button to learn your vampire name, nick name and your mood as a vampire. Fun:)...

Vampire & Fantasy Books Become Musicals

StreetPoet recently met another vampire from Istanbul, Valoyassa, a lady of the darkness. She informed us about "the musical approach" to our most favorite books which run their show on stage (not on screen).
The first one, which unfortunately concluded it's Broadway run on 28th May 2006, is one of the most anticipated musicals ever, "Lestat the Musical: Die Young, Live Forever". As our beloved Anne Rice's first book to become a Broadway musical, "Lestat the Musical" is also the first collaboration between Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The show also won two Tony Awards and a Drama Desk Award. For the ones (that is "us") who missed, there's still an indefinite date for a stage recording that includes the famous song from the musical: "Sail Me Away".
The second one is a big hit in all categories (books, movies, OST etc.): The Lord of The Rings. The musical inspired from the J.R.R. Tolkien's epic trilogy will be shown in London Theatre Royal, Drurylane. The show is put on stage by Matthew Warchus and Shaun McKenna. The ticket prices for the show are between 15-60$. It's a great chance to see some dancing and singing hobbits this time.
Thanks Valoyassa.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vampire Gamers' List

Here's a latest game list for vampire videogamers (that you can also search for at the CeBIT fair 2006 this weekend):
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds (PS2, GameCube, XBox)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wrath of the Darkhul King
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (GameBoy, XBox)
Vampire: the Masquerade Redemption (PC, Mac)
Vampire: Bloodlines (PC)
Dracula: Resurrection (PC)
Gabriel Knight 3 (Blood of the sacred, Blood of the Damned) (PC)
Sacred: Gold Edition (PC)
Vampire Night (PS2)
BloodOmen 2 (GameCube, XBox)
Vampire Hunter D (PS)
The Vampires Coffin (PC, Mac)
Dark Angel Vampire Apocalypse (PS2)
Bloodrayne (PC,PSP)
Soul Reaver 2 (PC)
Monsters Dracula: Crazy Vampire (PC)
Noctropolis (PC)
StreetPoet's advice: "Vampire: the Masquerade Redemption is a great adventure for the ones who havent played it yet"
We wish you a joyful game time.

CeBIT Eurasia / 5-10 September 2006

CeBIT Eurasia is one of the most awaited fairs of the year. Once again TUYAP Fair and Congress Center is housing the event with three different sections: Business World, Digital Life and Telecommunications on 5th-10th September 2006. It's a great opportunity to take a look at the future technology for all, humans and vampires:) Visits are also half-price at the weekend (public days).

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Body -synopsis-

He opened up the book on his lap as the doors of the subway train closed and he began reading without looking around. It was fun to travel in another body and in another world which he didn't belong. If he owned this world he was living in, he would try to make it more just for all. He often forgot that he was living as long as he was reading. He always chose a character in the book that he read, whom he felt himself closer to and imagined that that character was him until the end. That was how he enjoyed the reading more and also he felt more happy doing such things in the book which he couldn't do in his real life. Subway train wasn't a very suitable place to read but all he saw was the darkness when he looked out of the window. As a person who trained himself in fast-reading, he could read nearly ten pages until the end of his journey. It was easier to fill the darkness inside his mind with colors and dreams. He suddenly held up his head from the book, alarmed with the noise of a falling keys holder.
He saw the keys on the floor beside the woman sitting only a few meters away by the corridor. The head of the woman was lying on the chest of a bald man, she was sleeping. The bald man must have heard the noise of the keyholder for sure, but maybe he just couldn't understand. He certainly would like to take the keys on the floor and give them to their owners, if he could walk. He called the man, said the keys were fallen. He saw the blood dripping from the chin of the bald man as he turned his head to him. At first he couldn't understand what was happening. But very soon this shockwave shifted into panic. He saw the deep bite on the woman's neck. The bald man was snarling at him. He had dropped his crutches down with fear. He just heard other snarls at his back. He was so afraid to turn his back but he did. He saw another wild creature who had torn off the throat of a long curly-haired young boy lying on the floor, it was a short straight cut black-haired woman looked like a transvestite. And on the seat behind her there was a boy with orange-colored hair biting the throat of a middle-aged man.
When he turned his head back again, he uttered a small cry. Our eyes had met. I handed out his crutches to him and told him to leave the compartment when we reached the next station. The scent of the blood reaching my nostrils was enough to avert my wish for helping him. Why should you help your food?...He was asking me what was happening. I sharply ordered him to hush up. As I felt the bald vampire jumping over me snarling like a dog, his snarl slowly changed into the crisp sound of a log in a fire with the sharp tip of my umbrella buried into his heart. I helped the crippled young man up and swiftly carried him to the door. That was when the travestite vampire who had lost his false hair, put his hand on my shoulder, asking me if I cared to dance with him. I drove my hand right into his body without taking my leather glove off my hand. The vampire was shrieking terribly as I held and tore away his heart out of his body. The lame man had fallen on the floor with the terror of this scene. The train finally stopped and the doors opened. It was amusing to see the body of the vampire burst into ashes as I casted it to the wall infront of the door but I wouldnt like to share the same destiny. The lame boy dragged himself outside.
The orange-haired vampire boy rushed out of a broken window with great sound. He was outside and infront of me. He was too brave for a boy of his age. As you can guess, the bodies are deceptive in the vampires world. A fifteen years old looking boy could well be turned into a vampire many years ago and he can never own another body showing his real age ever again. As I read from his eyes, those miserable creatures I had killed in a few seconds were his victims he had chosen as a family. He was nodding his head to send me away, they didnt want to kill the lame young man, they would only have another member in their crippled family. For a man who had never walked in his life, the lame man would really appreciate the offer to jump off high roofs or to climb up on the walls with them. But the price he would pay for that would be too much. Was it one of those incidents again that evildoer was not so evil at all?...Who cares! The ashes of the orange head would be found over the rails tomorrow morning. Well, everything happened in a very short time. The lame man was permanently asking me who I was, this time I put my forefinger on my lips: "Hush" The things I?ve told and I will tell are as real as I am.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Little Girl -synopsis-

The little shadow in front of the window, had been watching a crow that was attached on a electricity pole on the other side of the alley. The crow had been struggling at random for some time to get out of this situation but it wasnt able to do it. The little girl by the window was as desperate as the crow, who had been spending hours on thinking that somebody had to do something about this. Nobody wanted to do anything, it was very late. A couple of hours ago, a group of children on the street pitying the crow, had thrown many stones over the pole in order to send the crow immediately where it intended to go. The crow was lucky this time at least, it kept on its struggle without a strike. The little girl couldnt stand being witness to his difficulty.
As a vampire, I can not contend to have more information about the supernatural beings than you can do, though I have my own curiosities for sure. Honestly, noone can tell that I am so interested with the occultism, as it is really amusing for me, but not so common among the vampires. Most of the vampires really love being mysterious, because they find it necessary for a life after death. I am only interested in my own mystery, the thought of a stranger living inside of me is making me burn with curiosity. How much can I control him or how many more strangers are there inside of me?... There's a life after death, yes, but there is an ever stronger ego after death too... Well, life is very strange indeed. . It is often full of living deads, unburning fires and dreams that come true. Sometimes I go inside the churches and watch the paintings of the saints for a long time, I try to read the meaning beyond those eyes like I do to you too. If ever on this world or in this life you have a secret message, I can read it from your eyes. And the paintings which I spend most of my time watching in the churches belong to the angels.
From the dark corridor of the apartment, a little shadow stepped into the gloom of the alley which was only lit by a street lamp. Shadow walked slowly to the pole, there was noone in the streets. The crow was then hanging motionless at the tip of the pole. In the light of the nearby street lamp, some blueish glows were playing among it's black feathered wings as it swayed. The little girl thought maybe it was too late. Was it really dead?... Suddenly the crow began to move again, after a few flutters it wrapped itself into tranquility again. While she was forcing her blonde hair behind her ears with her small fingers, she was planning to do something that she never had thought doing before.
All I could do was to get out of the place where I had been watching all these and to scare the little girl a little to make her run back home at once. Maybe she wouldn't be able to get out after dark in the rest of her life. The crow would die very soon and she didnt know it. There was nothing that could be done climbing up that pole. When I was about to get out of my hiding place, I saw a pair of eyes in my mind that I had seen in those pictures. It felt like being stuck in a snapshot, as I had become a painting and this time "He" was looking right into my eyes. I couldnt move, I couldnt do anything although I knew I had to stop the things that were happening. "He" read everything from my eyes. Like I do this with your eyes. After a big bang of light, I opened my eyes readily for everything to be left behind. I would see "Him" infront of me and it would be the end of everything. It would be the end of an eternal night and the light wouldn't leave me ever again. I was wrong, it was not mine but that little girl's farewell to life. Nobody could prevent it including me. "He" had prepared everything and everything had happened so easily. After a short time the dead body of a little girl was lying in the middle of the street and a little far away a dead crow too with one bulging eye.
After a few nights that passed, I went to the church where I had seen "His" eyes first. We looked at each other for a long time, like we had been together for a long time. Actually we had been like this every time. We had been together all the time like the blood driping through the strings of her blonde hair, or the blueish glows playing over the crow's feathers. Somewhere inside of me that night will be living forever. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Paulo Coelho on Immortality

Paulo Coelho is StreetPoet's favorite writer of all times. He is a big fan of the writer since the first time he read "The Alchemist", the book changed the course of lives of many who had the chance to read it. Paulo Coelho has a web site called "Warrior of Light" ( where he shares his articles with his readers (you can register if you would like to recieve more of these wonderful articles from Paulo Coelho) and he also owns a blog site ( where the fellow reades can contribute with their thoughts and comments.
By chance, StreetPoet found that the latest issue of Warrior Of Light is on "immortality", and vampires of course. StreetPoet wanted to share with the ones who would be interested in reading it. So here it is:

"How do human beings respond to changes?
Badly. Always very badly. One of the most widespread myths in the whole world – the myth of the vampire – reflects this idea.
What is a vampire? It is someone who at a certain moment in their existence becomes immortal. In other words, after that moment their body will no longer follow the normal course of nature; they will become forever young, and they can live as long as they like without having to deal with problems caused by growing old.
The vampire’s only diet is a little blood every day, and their only care with their skin is to avoid sunlight – but after all, this is a very small price to pay to enjoy all the possibilities of eternal life.
Except for one thing: vampires stop in time, while the world carries on changing. Everything that they were always used to begins to change, and even though they have all the time in the world to adapt to these changes, they desire immortality precisely because they were happy with the world in which they lived. They are not interested in accompanying these changes.
Let us imagine a human being who becomes a vampire right at the finals of the 1986 World Cup. He could smoke on airplanes, did not need to puzzle over picking what channel to watch on the television – the choice was so limited. He had an actress for a sex symbol, understood all about carburetors and fought for his socialist ideal, convinced that the Soviet Union would soon have more capable governors, and the yearnings of the people (called the proletariat) would at last be respected.
One fine day he falls in love with a 22-year-old sociology student. He admires her beauty, her enthusiasm, her idealism. He suggests transforming her into a vampire, but she refuses – she has seen too many horror films. She is in love too and does not want to lose him, but she sets one single condition for going ahead with their relationship: he must never suck her blood. The vampire has no choice but to keep his word. They get married in the registry office to avoid mortal crucifixes.
Twenty years roll by - in fact fly by, because another four World Cups have taken place. The former university student is now 42 years old, working in a bank (unemployment problems) or else writing useless Master’s and Ph.D. theses and dissertations merely to justify her life as a professional student. Carburetors have disappeared from the face of the earth. In horror he leafs through a magazine and sees his old sex-symbol actress transformed into a hybrid product made of plastic, Botox and silicone, her face coated with tons of makeup. He feels guilty for having 200 TV channels and only watches the same ones as long ago.
The Soviet Union has collapsed. He was obliged to abandon his beloved cigarettes (although it did not affect his health, don’t forget that vampires are immortal), because smoking became impossible, either because of laws or because of the way people looked at him in restaurants. And worst of all: everyone is talking about chat, Internet, iPod, rave and so on. The vampire tries to keep up to date, but everything seems absolutely complicated, irritating and senseless. He looks at the computer as if he were looking at a clove of garlic – with a mixture of horror and impotence. He will never be able to manage one of those, although he has tried several times.
His friends are retired, spend their days playing cards – they also do not know how to deal with computers, but they do not mind, the group has grown old together, they all have the same interests and can share experiences.
The vampire stays young. Immortal. Now he is faced with eternal depression. He attempts suicide, going out in the sunlight or looking at crucifixes, only to discover that these were myths created by the Church and cause him no harm at all.
He is left with one consolation: there is still one political figure that he knows all about (because all the other governors across the world have changed).
But Fidel Castro will also pass. And then nothing, absolutely nothing, will remain of the world that the vampire once loved so much."
Issue no#128, 30 August,2006, Paulo Coelho.

Words of Love -synopsis-

She pressed the botton of her computer and another day ended for the woman. She reached for her drawer, took out her small make-up bag and went to the lady's room. She carefully looked at her face in the mirror, she stretched her lips showing her teeth to the woman in the mirror. After she refreshed her make-up went back to the office to take her bag and walked towards the lift. She was ready to turn into the woman she liked to be all the time. Her cell phone rang at the moment, a name with a number on the screen, reminded her of the problems that must be solved immediately. She didnt want to go home, see that man and make love to him. She didnt want to answer that phone too but she felt she was obliged to do so, after the phone rang for some time she pressed the blue button and started the talk: "My darling, my meeting is still running now...Yeah, I missed you too my baby... Mmm, let's be together at tomorrow night, is it ok my dear?... I love you too my darling. Goodbye." When the talk was over, she closed the cell phone completely, nobody would reach her for that night.
In a short time, she was sitting at a table in an elegant club by herself. She bought herself a drink first. She lit up her cigarette and took a deep breath, next the smoke that filled her lungs were oozing through her corpulent lips. There were many strangers around her, looking over the glass she checked if anyone was looking at her. Yes, there was somebody, every time there happened to be someone. A neatly dressed handsome young man was sitting at the bar alone, looking at her time to time. She used to be the first one to do the first step secretly and on that night she wouldnt bother doing it again. She casted an evasive look over him. She only looked at his eyes and then down to her table. The club was overcrowded and under the weak light of the flambeau hanging on the walls I had been watching them behind a hide of smoke in the air shifted in slow motion with the music that played. Young man approached woman's table with gentle steps and asked her if he could join her. She accepted the man's offer with a smile. They had a few drinks, talked about the music, the drinks and other personal pleasures as well. This much courage of the woman was impressing the young man. He was looking at her breasts, her lips and deep into her eyes with desire while he was speaking. And woman was observing him too, especially his hands with long and manicured fingers which she had begun to desire having on all over her body. Meanwhile she put her hand slowly on his hand. He called for the waiter. After they paid for the drinks, they left the club together. She was holding his arm as they walked and she was feeling ready for the thrill that she would live in the late hours of the night. They came to the apartment where she lived after a short walk. When she left for the bathroom, he lit another cigarette. He was anxious, his hands were shaking, "he had to kill her".
He was a successful surgeon but his life was an ultimate fiasco. The things that he lived during his childhood made him feel these cold feelings for the women, at first for his mother. "My darling", she called him and with many other words of love... When he looked at the women, he saw his mother touching him with the desire he felt for women. He had seen this dream many times before and this vision had undemandingly caused the deaths of several women. Vampires are far more innocent than the subliminal monsters sleeping inside of man, believe me. It is sometimes very hard for us to dive into the subconscious levels of a psychologically impaired people. I dont think that I fully understood him, I must say there was also a possibility that he himself had made up all these. And someone who has a mental disorder must never pass the treshold. These type of vampires eventually harm themselves or the house of pact that they belong. Actually, I never cared about the pact societies, like they didnt care about the lonely hunters like me. After a long waiting, she got out of the bathroom. The man was looking into the night by the open window. She let the towel on her slide down. She was all naked again, drew near the man and hugged him from behind. While she was taking of his coat she saw the bloody bite on his neck. The man turned his face to the woman and looked into her eyes. It was her death that she saw. But it is not over yet. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ICON ad: Survive until next game...

ICON, in other words, "Istanbul University Science-fiction and Fantasy Club" is preparing for a second gathering in November, 2006. The new title for the symposium of this year's event is: "creating a new world". There will be movie presentations and live role playing games for the fantasy lovers during this event. Here's a link to the event's website:
Besides, StreetPoet gladly presents here "the ICON ad" which is shot by his vampiric friend Hamatula, a gifted young director. And for all viewers: well, good luck for a survival...:)
Game never ends...

V-News: A New Epic Story Uncovered...

StreetPoet met some fellow vampires stalking Smyrna and Thrace lately. They are writing an epic story about Vanthe (a.k.a.Victor Dereniari) and Wyern (a.k.a Torman) who are two of the vampire warriors fighting against the evil vampire queen Morag of Istanbul (and Thrace), whose family had been killed by Ottoman soldiers during the Fall of Constantinople. The story is set in today's Istanbul though the story goes beyond it's history. Once as the members of a FRP game which had been based upon the same story by the same authors, these two writers decided to write it as a novel as it deserves to become.
In their vampires' world, there are vampire kingdoms living underworld, inside mountain halls and tunnels, away from human beings. Not all the vampires in this world are evil. On the contrary, most of them are living in peace with each other secluded from the humans' world without doing any harm. But an evil queen decides to enslave her vampire nation to threaten the human race, as an enemy for both other vampire nations and all human beings. There's no other vampire to stop her wicked deeds until an old Turkish vampire Wyern and his Roman friend Vanthe stick together to confront the evil queen, with the help of the vampire Angelus who suffers an oblivion on his own history and Damdla whose family had been killed by the fierce queen's army.
Unfortunately there's no website to catch a glimpse of this saga yet. Our fellow vampires are working on another book, as a matter of fact, a vampire comedy on Ravenloft (a nightmare world of vampires, beasts, zombies etc.). StreetPoet will be happy to inform you on their forthcoming projects, as he enjoyed very much to witness other vampires building a new veil of mystery around the beautiful city of Istanbul, so full of history and also of vampires.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

She's Not Dead... A Pink Vampire?

Six years ago, she began, telling us that we "cant take her home". In time, she has turned to be a rockin' rebel and showed that "we missundaztood" her indeed, this pink haired lady was destined to be the genuine rock star that she is now. She won a Grammy award for the song "Lady Marmalade" which she performed with Missy E, Mya, Li'l Kim and Christina Aguilera, a soundtrack score for (our writer StreetPoet's favorite musical film) "Moulin Rouge" by Baz Luhrmann. (p.s. it's also rumored that the Australian director is trying to put the film on stage as a musical play in London with the same cast) Then we were made to "try this": a new Pink with more musical colors until she confessed that "she is not dead". A pink vampire?...
And finally Pink is coming to "float" over Istanbul skies on the 8th of September, which is also her birthday and the starting point of her forthcoming European tour. All vampires are clearly invited to "Park Orman" as she will certainly sing her recent "undead" hit:
"I'm not dead just floating
I'm not scared just changing
You're my crack of sunlight..."

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dreams and White Wolf -synopsis-

The sun hasnt come up yet, I am awake a bit early, at all times I am... He must be sleeping now, somewhere in the world of dreams. I saw a dream with him last night, it was his dream. I can never see a dream, your dreams are my reality. He was walking along a very long road in his dream, the road was crossing cities and villages, mountains and hills, rivers and narrow streams, means everywhere. The sky grew darker and he kept on his walk in the dark by following the lights of the cars passing by him. Until the road went into a dark forest. At first he was comfortable, peaceful and fearless during his walk but then he felt something, he wasnt alone. He began to walk faster in panic. As he couldnt see around him very well, it was unclear to know which side the danger could come from. And another car passing by him lighted up a silhouette which stood only twenty-five or thirty meters away, on the same side of the road that he walked. It was a wild white wolf which was looking hungry. He looked behind and saw that there were no other cars all along the road. It was late hours and nobody would take him in his car if he ever managed to hitchike. The things that would happen were unavoidable. He turned his back against the danger and started waiting for it to take him. He couldnt think about a single thing to do, like climbing up a tree, running or praying...and he woke up, the dream ended. He hugged the white wolf sleeping next to him...
Now it is 19:50, I am already home, and the sky grew much darker. And now there are things that I want to say about the last night. I dont know if I ever showed him that I really liked him. I only didnt tell him. It made no sense if I did that. When I looked into his eyes, I saw a truly broken child who couldnt understand what it meant. There were things that hurt him and he wouldnt share all these with me. He gave very honest replies to my inquiry until he felt that he should only keep silent. And I said ?damn?, wondered why people like this always had to be broken, had to suffer so much. And how could they still be that much strong and confident. I wish we could meet in another period of time, for instance the times when I was a mortal like he is... I wish he could look into my eyes and see everything inside me too. What would he see?...
Last night I thought I did the best for him. He only wanted to hug me and kiss me that's all. Because I was literally 1-0 losing the game last night the moment I started out and my instincts were always sharper than my I'm laughing... "Well, I thank you for the last night and I apologise: first for the questions that I asked you which didnt make you feel all right, yet I know all the answers. Second for feeling things that were not equivalent to yours. Third for not being brave enough to be honest to you. Sometimes I believe this to be my very personal "curse" for sure. I always feel impossible things and I meet wrong people in wrong times and spaces. Every time I feel something for someone, I fight with a ghost inside that person and ghosts always win... But life is too short to be painful enough, and we never think about this, we never think of death for once and the wolf appears suddenly infront of us, we do nothing to fight against it. We just stand there and wait for being the white wolf's hunt."
"It is better for me not to see you again until this unexpected storm is over. I hope you to be happy at once, let people love you again and enjoy your studies at work and the cigarettes you smoke and the water you drink... Claim for your heaven. I remember the big smile on your face right now, absolutely so big and so magnificent, and suits you so much, dont hide this "sun" from other people. Anyway it is cloudy today and there wont be any sunlight. It's your turn to shine... And wish me luck, to rescue myself from this situation I'm in now, to be able to want doing it and to start again. And to forget you..." But it is not over yet. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.