Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On Bakersdozen's main character

As StreeetPoet publishes only the synopsis of his whole story here, he wants to give a brief description on his vampire main character:
"He is slender and tall, he has a good physical shape.
He is at the end of his twenties.
He has a natural looking short cut black hair.
He has iceblue eyes, they especially make him very attractive.
He is not a babyface, he has such a masculine beauty.
He is a "bisexual" man and takes good care of himself.
He lives in Cihangir alone, a kind of "free lance" vampirism.
No vampire friends he has, he often likes solitude.
He has a flat overseeing Bosphorus.
He hangs around Pera but not all the time.
He is a gifted man of decoration, also kind of Epicurean.
He likes post-modern feng-shui, minimalism and a bit of gothic and pop too.
He enjoys alternative rock, electronica, besides opera and symphonic rock.
He may seem snobbish but he is humanistic though he is not human anymore.
He doesnt wear any costumes like super heros.
He prefers red, black and gray tones.
He has no chains or rings., he doesnt like personal accessories much.
He likes cowboy boots and denim, maybe because he likes action.
But his apparel isnt just temporary, he has got a smart look.
He prefers evil people as his victims.
He is quite intellectual like all vampires are supposed to be.
He doesnt wear any sunglasses cause he doesnt go out into the sun.
He doesnt drink or smoke, well he naturally drinks blood time to time.
He doesnt turn into wolf or bat, he is not scared of x, holy water, garlic etc."
And for people who want to make some illustrations Streetpoet says:
"Dont hesitate using light and shade a lot.
(p.s. light and shade are symbols of good and evil inside the story)
You can use: moonlight, candlelight, starlight, citylights etc. versus shadows, fog, haze, a veil of rain, wet streets etc.
You have to learn more about Pera, Istanbul in general, old stone buildings and the human crowd of the metropol.
You can use billboards, cars etc. anything in human life that has become a part of merchandising, as your decorative subjects."
StreetPoet will share more about the main character very soon.