Friday, August 18, 2006

Tears In The Rain -synopsis-

All I can tell about the night that I found her: After she got off the bus, she turned into a dark lane in fast steps to reach the main street. Her heart was beating rapidly like a drum. She could believe that the people around her could hear this sound if they could ever stand silent and still. Life was streaming along and a flood of humans was pumped into the heart of the city. Beside this huge heart, her heart was inaudible.
She wanted to take him in her arms, to feel his body next to her, to lie with him. Her heart was beating with the desire, tearing itself into pieces, bleeding itself. She didnt know what she was doing. There was a crazy sense of rhythm, the music on the streets and the voices of people were combining into an enormous cacophony. She had once had something that she didnt believe and she had lost it when she wanted to believe in it. The cruelty of life was freezing her blood and she felt stiff with the feeling. She had to move or she would die, she was sure about this. What a thief was the time, how easily and unwittingly it had taken everything from her hands. She needed to see him, it could well be in different faces or personalities but she only wanted him. She desperately looked around, the walking didnt exhaust her and her heart was unstoppable... She thought about the death, not hers but our own, the death which belonged everyone of us. Could it be stronger as love? As sudden, cold-blooded and unexpected as love.
Rain began to fall. Her tears were so small again like her heart. Every tear dropped, every relation ended, every flower faded away, what was the meaning of it? Whatever it was, love would keep on raining, growing and fading away. And she would go on too. She would keep on living in despite of a terrible pain inside. Even if she had a price to pay, or even the price could not be paid, she would go on. She thought that he could feel lonely and cold. Was feeling lonely as natural as feeling cold? Why she didnt accept it. She thought about the stars, billion times billion of loneliness casted into the emptiness of space. Were they feeling cold and lonely there too in distances strecthing to the utmost? Wasn't it love again burning deep within their cores? A sky full of loneliness that was constructed by many unburning fires. Could all these pieces that was parted from Him and burning in love of Him, return to God again? She was seen like a falling star in that night, burning and shining for him.
She wanted him back, like the screaming of a spirit set ablaze and stuck in between the cogs. Like the eyes she found and lost within the crowd so many times, eyes that belonged to me. He was on her mind in the moment she felt someone was tracing her. She wanted him to come and find him. Maybe it was the truth or the fairest thing to happen. She was feeling that a tiny mechanism inside her was moving the cogs, the pairing and equating concepts slowly converting to take place of one another in a different dimension. Loneliness, was the boat itself in an underground river to carry her into depths of the darkness. A pair of shining eyes were approaching her in the dark. Though her heart was beating slower. She didnt know if it was the heat of her body temperature rising or she was about to become one of those pyrokinetic people. She was feeling dizzy, hearing a humming in her ears and her eyes were sliding up above. Noone realized how I bursted through the crowd to take her in my arms like a shadow and how swiftly we went far away from there in the speed of light. But it is not over yet. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.