Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Scent Of Hope -synopsis-

She opened her eyes on a red colored leather couch changing its color under the twinkling neon lights. The view of the human crowd dancing around flowed inside from her eye lids. The crazy tones of club music yet reached her ears as rhythm and bass only. A soft and warm pillow which she had laid her head was pulling her towards itself like she was stuck into it. There were two arms in each side of her head, one of them caressing her breast and the other holding a huge glass of dark red liquid with a purple spiral pipe in it. She wasnt sure of what to do. Should she remove the hand from where it pinched one of her nipples between its fingers? Who was the owner of the hand? How did she come here?
The first thing she remembered was that she had taken an orange pill in the lady's room in a cafe. She had bumped into a man whom she had thought a police and she had been terrified. But the man had smiled her with his very white teeth and maybe he had offered her a drink together. She couldnt remember what she had done next. Or how they had come here. She heard the voice inside her head once again, it was the same voice on the cellphone: "Tonight at the cafe at ten thirty", it was an offer. And maybe an offer that had been accepted... But owner of the voice had not said the name of the cafe. They had certainly found each other somehow. And then they had come here, a place which she didnt know it's name.
"Where are we?", she dared to say. "A secret place", said the man she had laid her head on his chest, "Dont worry you are safe here and they cant come after you" She could hear the man perfectly in the highest volume of music. She couldnt remember if there was anyone coming after her. "Who are they?", she asked this time. "The ones whom you were escaping from the moment I found you my sweetie". She was feeling so tired, her legs and arms were numb. When she tried to move, she realized that she was "bleeding". She grew shy by instinct. She could feel the scent of blood. She never knew that it smelled this strong. She thought that she should leave the place at once but there was no scent of hope at all. The body of the man was drawing her to itself like a magnet.
When I saw her, she was lying on that couch without knowing why. Her subconsciousness was like a broken aquarium, it was so easy to read her mind. She had learned that she was pregnant during the day, she had called her boyfriend and they had decided to meet at the same cafe they always met, they had been together in the early hours of that night, she had made the good news to his being a father soon, but he insisted that he was not ready to be one, he had advised a curettage, and she had been ready for that, she had apologised, gone to the restroom, began swallowing the pills in a bottle one by one which she took out of her bag. She had suddenly feared that the man she had bumped was a policeman, she had wanted to die and nobody should prevent it. The man had smiled her, he had asked if she had wanted some help and she lost her consciousness before she could reply... When she woke up, she didnt know that it was too late to go back. She was only a hunt for the man she had bumped, she had a life to come to an end before the night was all over. She had been brought into a secret place, a house of pact having a secret entry for all but never an exit for the mortals. The vampire was helping her indeed for the thing she was asking for. She was so innocent and fragile while lying on that couch with a conceited beauty.
I came close to the couch looking into the eyes of my own breed and claimed for her. He accepted my offer with a gesture making fun of me, calling me with a jargon that meant "carcass eater", "We dont want to see you again in this house of pact, take her and go", he said. I could feel he was one of the leaders of the coven and there were even much stronger entities around me. However they let us go. I could sense her situation even better when I took her in my arms, if it was a little late and she had passed the treshold, noone could help her. I left her at a place where the living could easily find her. And I dont know why if she is alive. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.