Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Light and Shade -synopsis-

I had been watching her for a few nights. She was a very beautiful young woman. She was a bit different though. And also very common in many ways. A few days ago, she was there with the girl that she had danced together in a very crowded bar. We were in a cinema. The sweet shine of the sunlight filled the curtain but she looked brighter than the sun which I had forgotten long ago. Her skin seemed to sparkle in the dark, smooth and soft. She didnt know that I touched her, it was impossible for her to know as the time didnt flow in the same speed for us. I had watched her too long like watching a miracle on the first day I had seen her smile. Her teeth were so white, luminous like a vampire?s but in better shape. Her lips were corpulent and seductive and they were like velvet cushions on which those wonderful jewels were displayed. Her body swayed with the music tenderly like a cat.
There were twelve people or so in the hall. Her wavy haired girlfriend put her hand over hers to caress. I knew that those two shared more than friendship. She didnt care much about it but the other one loved her. She turned his head and peered into the hall, there was only me sitting behind them and the hall was light enough for me to read from her eyes what she was about to do. Then she kissed the other girl's lips without hesitate. And she licked her own lips after she glanced at her back again. I wasnt watching the movie. I didnt think that she cared watching the movie too, she was turning her head time to time to observe my face. It was so easy for me to realize that she was looking at me with a coquettish smile as she thought I couldnt see in the dark. The movie wasnt over yet but I got up and walked past her seat to the exit. She whispered her girlfriend's ear that she had to go to the toilette. What a lie!
When she stepped into the corridor, I embraced her on her back. I kissed her neck lightly adn turned her face to mine. I looked at her eyes and pressed my lips against hers. I could hear her heartbeat. Certainly she wasnt doing it for the first time but I could feel how excited she was. I was inhaling her breath as she exhaled while feeling the soft heat of her tongue. She didnt go back to the hall, we left the cinema together. After a short time we entered a dark apartment. I knew she wanted me and I wanted her too. She was holding my hand and pulling me into the darkness. We went up the spiral staircase. From time to time, she was lit by the weak light that entered from the small windows of the staircase. So sometimes she turned into a source of light first and then to a scary silhouette. She stopped in the middle of the stairs and pulled me closer. At the moment a door slammed somewhere on the upper floors. She looked up and just smiled, and then licked my lips.
She climbed upon my lap with the her arms that encircled my neck. She twisted her legs around my body and we kept making love on a window sill. I could feel that she moaned gently. I readily felt the sharp end of the steel that went into my body several times. I was watching her eyes in the dark, they were perfect, eyes totaly unaware of what she was doing. She was holding a big springy knife in her hand and she stopped squirming on my lap as she waited for me to fall down. Then she pushed me away. She was left alone in the dark. She wasnt able to see me. She put the knife back in her pocket and kneeled down to search for my body. How scary it could be if she realized I was so very close to her. She deserved it indeed but I was delaying the time for it on purpose. I stood lying still at the end of the stairs for her to find me there. Her hands searched over my body, slowly took out my wallet and then looked for the wounds that should be there. When she couldnt find them, she was in panic. I stood up introducing my teeth to her beautiful neck while closing her mouth with my hand. She was fighting against me. We began walking up the stairs together. She looked like a gazelle hanging from the jaws of a lion. By the time we reached to the top, she was dying. I looked into her eyes and saw the shades wrapping on to the light in them. I jumped into the hollow of the stairs with her. She didnt make a sound on her way down. Except her breaking skull that hit on the hard floor. I kissed her goodbye. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.