Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Body -synopsis-

He opened up the book on his lap as the doors of the subway train closed and he began reading without looking around. It was fun to travel in another body and in another world which he didn't belong. If he owned this world he was living in, he would try to make it more just for all. He often forgot that he was living as long as he was reading. He always chose a character in the book that he read, whom he felt himself closer to and imagined that that character was him until the end. That was how he enjoyed the reading more and also he felt more happy doing such things in the book which he couldn't do in his real life. Subway train wasn't a very suitable place to read but all he saw was the darkness when he looked out of the window. As a person who trained himself in fast-reading, he could read nearly ten pages until the end of his journey. It was easier to fill the darkness inside his mind with colors and dreams. He suddenly held up his head from the book, alarmed with the noise of a falling keys holder.
He saw the keys on the floor beside the woman sitting only a few meters away by the corridor. The head of the woman was lying on the chest of a bald man, she was sleeping. The bald man must have heard the noise of the keyholder for sure, but maybe he just couldn't understand. He certainly would like to take the keys on the floor and give them to their owners, if he could walk. He called the man, said the keys were fallen. He saw the blood dripping from the chin of the bald man as he turned his head to him. At first he couldn't understand what was happening. But very soon this shockwave shifted into panic. He saw the deep bite on the woman's neck. The bald man was snarling at him. He had dropped his crutches down with fear. He just heard other snarls at his back. He was so afraid to turn his back but he did. He saw another wild creature who had torn off the throat of a long curly-haired young boy lying on the floor, it was a short straight cut black-haired woman looked like a transvestite. And on the seat behind her there was a boy with orange-colored hair biting the throat of a middle-aged man.
When he turned his head back again, he uttered a small cry. Our eyes had met. I handed out his crutches to him and told him to leave the compartment when we reached the next station. The scent of the blood reaching my nostrils was enough to avert my wish for helping him. Why should you help your food?...He was asking me what was happening. I sharply ordered him to hush up. As I felt the bald vampire jumping over me snarling like a dog, his snarl slowly changed into the crisp sound of a log in a fire with the sharp tip of my umbrella buried into his heart. I helped the crippled young man up and swiftly carried him to the door. That was when the travestite vampire who had lost his false hair, put his hand on my shoulder, asking me if I cared to dance with him. I drove my hand right into his body without taking my leather glove off my hand. The vampire was shrieking terribly as I held and tore away his heart out of his body. The lame man had fallen on the floor with the terror of this scene. The train finally stopped and the doors opened. It was amusing to see the body of the vampire burst into ashes as I casted it to the wall infront of the door but I wouldnt like to share the same destiny. The lame boy dragged himself outside.
The orange-haired vampire boy rushed out of a broken window with great sound. He was outside and infront of me. He was too brave for a boy of his age. As you can guess, the bodies are deceptive in the vampires world. A fifteen years old looking boy could well be turned into a vampire many years ago and he can never own another body showing his real age ever again. As I read from his eyes, those miserable creatures I had killed in a few seconds were his victims he had chosen as a family. He was nodding his head to send me away, they didnt want to kill the lame young man, they would only have another member in their crippled family. For a man who had never walked in his life, the lame man would really appreciate the offer to jump off high roofs or to climb up on the walls with them. But the price he would pay for that would be too much. Was it one of those incidents again that evildoer was not so evil at all?...Who cares! The ashes of the orange head would be found over the rails tomorrow morning. Well, everything happened in a very short time. The lame man was permanently asking me who I was, this time I put my forefinger on my lips: "Hush" The things I?ve told and I will tell are as real as I am.