Friday, September 01, 2006

Little Girl -synopsis-

The little shadow in front of the window, had been watching a crow that was attached on a electricity pole on the other side of the alley. The crow had been struggling at random for some time to get out of this situation but it wasnt able to do it. The little girl by the window was as desperate as the crow, who had been spending hours on thinking that somebody had to do something about this. Nobody wanted to do anything, it was very late. A couple of hours ago, a group of children on the street pitying the crow, had thrown many stones over the pole in order to send the crow immediately where it intended to go. The crow was lucky this time at least, it kept on its struggle without a strike. The little girl couldnt stand being witness to his difficulty.
As a vampire, I can not contend to have more information about the supernatural beings than you can do, though I have my own curiosities for sure. Honestly, noone can tell that I am so interested with the occultism, as it is really amusing for me, but not so common among the vampires. Most of the vampires really love being mysterious, because they find it necessary for a life after death. I am only interested in my own mystery, the thought of a stranger living inside of me is making me burn with curiosity. How much can I control him or how many more strangers are there inside of me?... There's a life after death, yes, but there is an ever stronger ego after death too... Well, life is very strange indeed. . It is often full of living deads, unburning fires and dreams that come true. Sometimes I go inside the churches and watch the paintings of the saints for a long time, I try to read the meaning beyond those eyes like I do to you too. If ever on this world or in this life you have a secret message, I can read it from your eyes. And the paintings which I spend most of my time watching in the churches belong to the angels.
From the dark corridor of the apartment, a little shadow stepped into the gloom of the alley which was only lit by a street lamp. Shadow walked slowly to the pole, there was noone in the streets. The crow was then hanging motionless at the tip of the pole. In the light of the nearby street lamp, some blueish glows were playing among it's black feathered wings as it swayed. The little girl thought maybe it was too late. Was it really dead?... Suddenly the crow began to move again, after a few flutters it wrapped itself into tranquility again. While she was forcing her blonde hair behind her ears with her small fingers, she was planning to do something that she never had thought doing before.
All I could do was to get out of the place where I had been watching all these and to scare the little girl a little to make her run back home at once. Maybe she wouldn't be able to get out after dark in the rest of her life. The crow would die very soon and she didnt know it. There was nothing that could be done climbing up that pole. When I was about to get out of my hiding place, I saw a pair of eyes in my mind that I had seen in those pictures. It felt like being stuck in a snapshot, as I had become a painting and this time "He" was looking right into my eyes. I couldnt move, I couldnt do anything although I knew I had to stop the things that were happening. "He" read everything from my eyes. Like I do this with your eyes. After a big bang of light, I opened my eyes readily for everything to be left behind. I would see "Him" infront of me and it would be the end of everything. It would be the end of an eternal night and the light wouldn't leave me ever again. I was wrong, it was not mine but that little girl's farewell to life. Nobody could prevent it including me. "He" had prepared everything and everything had happened so easily. After a short time the dead body of a little girl was lying in the middle of the street and a little far away a dead crow too with one bulging eye.
After a few nights that passed, I went to the church where I had seen "His" eyes first. We looked at each other for a long time, like we had been together for a long time. Actually we had been like this every time. We had been together all the time like the blood driping through the strings of her blonde hair, or the blueish glows playing over the crow's feathers. Somewhere inside of me that night will be living forever. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.