Monday, August 21, 2006

Dark Sky -synopsis-

They were gathered together on the empty land beyond the barbed wire reaching out to the sea. There were six people. I was feeling that some of them were excited and even some were nervous. Around the pentagram drawn on earth with the blood of a rooster, some candles were fixed and flickering in the soft breeze. This ceremony was for the girl having curly black hair and green eyes who had joined their group of two girls and four boys. A bald young man who looked like their leader ?though they had no leader in the group- came out of the darkness, began placing the so-called sacred goods he took out of his bag, around the pentagram by the help of the others. A hook with remains of hair and flesh on it, a small sword, a box made of leather filled with a handful of ash, a metal-cover book and a copper grail were changing hands to be placed carefully on their places. Although being excited, the girl was skilled enough not to show her excitement to the others, she was watching the work with attention and smiling at the bald young man.
The right time had to come. They opened up the wine bottle they had, every one of them except the green-eyed girl were tasting the wine and deeply smoking the joints they lit. The girl, using her pointer and thumb like a beak, tried to catch the cigarette off the bald boy's hand. "No", said the bald boy, "your conscious must be clear, no smoke or wine for you". She mockingly replied: "Do you really think that I am too weak T?" The girl with the red hair broke in suddenly: "If you were weak, you could be an offering not a member, you too know it well". The group called the over-excited or most importantly, the rich ones as "offering". These people were watched by the members of this group, who could never get inside the core or were considered as an unimportant society brainwashed and colonized. The structure of the group resembled a copy of the houses of pact. A mortal who offers himself by his own will to the leader of the house is secured, used for hunting and destroyed if he is about to share this little secret with the others. Vampire leader gives his blood to the mortal who hasnt passed the treshold and then he can always be found by the leader whever he goes or hides. One of the young people casting his cigarette called, "It is time".
The young girl touched the tip of the little sword she took in her hand. She faced her hand up to the dark sky after moving it over the copper grail in the middle of the pentagram and started to read her vow that she memorized while opening her palm. And I could read everything in her mind: she had seen this night in her dream, that she would die here and tonight. She had a miserable childhood, she was born by "accident", nobody could understand how it felt like being an unwanted child to come into this world, she had never felt secure, she had always looked for a place to feel secure or someone that she belonged. But there was noone, nobody who could understand her. She was often alone in her own world. Sometimes she couldnt stand being herself. The moment she was thinking about this, she pushed the sharp tip of the sword into her arm, the blood was running down her wrist and between her fingers, filling the copper grail. She felt pain and was afraid while drawing a cross upside down on her wrist. Somebody who slowly embraced her from the behind, held her hand with the sword and fixed it on the wound it cut open. When the drawing of the cross was over her eyes went over the small group of people around the pentagram. When she saw that they were all lying dead on the floor with their throats cut, she looked for the bald young man, it was like she loved him. She closed her eyes for the last time with the pain of the teeth sank into her neck when she realized the boy looking at her, lying at her feet with the hook on his throat. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.