Wednesday, August 30, 2006

V-News: A New Epic Story Uncovered...

StreetPoet met some fellow vampires stalking Smyrna and Thrace lately. They are writing an epic story about Vanthe (a.k.a.Victor Dereniari) and Wyern (a.k.a Torman) who are two of the vampire warriors fighting against the evil vampire queen Morag of Istanbul (and Thrace), whose family had been killed by Ottoman soldiers during the Fall of Constantinople. The story is set in today's Istanbul though the story goes beyond it's history. Once as the members of a FRP game which had been based upon the same story by the same authors, these two writers decided to write it as a novel as it deserves to become.
In their vampires' world, there are vampire kingdoms living underworld, inside mountain halls and tunnels, away from human beings. Not all the vampires in this world are evil. On the contrary, most of them are living in peace with each other secluded from the humans' world without doing any harm. But an evil queen decides to enslave her vampire nation to threaten the human race, as an enemy for both other vampire nations and all human beings. There's no other vampire to stop her wicked deeds until an old Turkish vampire Wyern and his Roman friend Vanthe stick together to confront the evil queen, with the help of the vampire Angelus who suffers an oblivion on his own history and Damdla whose family had been killed by the fierce queen's army.
Unfortunately there's no website to catch a glimpse of this saga yet. Our fellow vampires are working on another book, as a matter of fact, a vampire comedy on Ravenloft (a nightmare world of vampires, beasts, zombies etc.). StreetPoet will be happy to inform you on their forthcoming projects, as he enjoyed very much to witness other vampires building a new veil of mystery around the beautiful city of Istanbul, so full of history and also of vampires.