Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An Interview with StreetPoet, "My granny is Mrs.Godzilla"

StreetPoet reveals his thoughts on vampires in general, mythology, movies, literature and reality. A small "interview with the vampire"maker.
Q: How did you meet the vampires first, in real life?
A: Unfortunately, no bud. It was first a movie connection. My first vampire movie was Tom Holland's "Fright Night" I guess, in which a young boy discovers that their new neighbour is a vampire. It's no big deal compared to Hollywood's new big budget CGI movies but it will be one of my best vampire movies ever. Cause it was fun above anything else.
Q: Do you think it's fun to be a vampire?
A: It depends on who created you... I mean many people would like to be one of Anne Rice's vampires, as they dont turn into bats and that kind of stuff. They are full of life and enjoy the luxurious of life. On the other hand there are many kinds of vampires in literature and movies. I myself wouldnt be having so much fun running scared from the sunlight all the time. I love the sun. Dont you think sunlight has positive effects on your mood buddy?...
Q: I guess so. Yeah right. So where are these vampires? I'm dying to see one.
A: Really. You could well be dead if you did... Vampires are not very friendly creatures, as far as I know, they like solitude more than anyone can bare. So it's no surprise that you dont see them around. On the other hand, is it any good to see something that you couldnt possibly tell anyone...(laughs)
Q: But the folks say they do exist. Do you know where they come from?
A: I have my own theory when and how all this folklore began of course. It's all in my story. Mythology represents a time when people solely idolized all kinds of emotions, dreams and desires. A vampire is a mythical god-like creature, with it's strength, stamina and powers. So where does it come from? Maybe it comes from the depths of the world of dreams, emotions, our brain.
Q: How and when did you decide to write "Bakersdozen"?
A: Years ago, I met a very interesting man living in Pera, one of Istanbul's old districts. His name is Giovanni Scognamillo, a levantine, highly intellectual writer (above anything else) whom I didnt know much about at the times. I had read a book on mysteries of Istanbul and one of my friends had read a book on old Pera, both were written by him as we discovered in a daily talk. So we went to his house and knocked his door, asked him to let us in like vampires do. He was so kind to accept our offer...
Q: And?...
A: He lent me a lot of books, including Anne Rice's vampires. I am grateful that he made me use his library until he moved finally from the flat he lived then and got rid of an unwanted guest like me. It's wonderful feeling for a book lover to have an autographed copy of a book by his favorite writer. He had dozens of copies like that. For the first time, I watched Werner Herzog's vampire classic "Nosferatu" with him. He is the only vampirolog living in Turkey as I know and a member of the well-known Dracula Society. So I began to look for examples in our own culture but there were none. Other than some silly remakes of Hollywood movies (such as "Dracula in Istanbul") that Mr. Scognamillo was a true expert. Later on, I decided to write my own vampire story that I would like to "read". I wish, Mr. Scognamillo wrote one for me indeed. Cause he is such a living historical character. I am so happy that I met him face to face. And I am sure I just saw a glimpse of his treasures.
Q: They say the man is a real vampire...is it true?
A: Are you obsessed with "real" vampires?...(laughs) Yes, he is a real vampire, so what?. I never saw him eat or drink anything in my presence. He never ate or drank anything I brought him during my visits. Once I accidentally saw the refrigerator all empty, I was just trying to cool down the sour cherry juice I brought to him with me. I always visited him in the afternoon and with appointment.
Q: It shows that he is a real living vampire then...?
A: It shows that he is just an old man who cant eat junk food because of bad stomach and he cant cook because he could well eat outside so he wouldnt wash the dishes. Finally he just doesnt want to be disturbed that's all. If he is a real vampire then my grandmother is Mrs. Godzilla.
Q: Thanks for the interview.
A: Your welcome. Anytime bud.