Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Saint On The Roof Puzzle

Who is this St. Andrew?..
As we had heard this mysterious name from our beloved StreetPoet in the past several times before, we decided that it's time for a small investigation on this matter. If you ever realized, there's also a subliminal reference to this mysterious "saint" in the Bakersdozen stories. (i.e. the B-story #13)
We have also found a few pages in StreetPoet's desk drawers with this same name on them, with a strange following tag "ontheroof".
What is this "standrewsontheroof"? Is it a "Saint Andrew" or "Saint Andrews"?
As our writer left our questions unanswered, we searched for the name in the archives and found interesting clues on this mystery.
First of all, there's an old belief that all Romanian vampires are said to be "active" on St.Andrew's day, which is known as the 30th of November and which is also the national day of Scotland. There's also another date for the vampires, St. George's, namely April, 23rd. On these two days of feast, believers were taking their traditional precautions against the undead.
St.Andrew was an apostle among the twelve and one of the first to follow Jesus, he is known with it's decussate cross (a saltire). The most important feature for us is that he was first the first bishop of Byzantium (Patriarch of Constantinople), which is one of the old names for Istanbul. He was said to have crucifed to death at Patras and his relics were first moved to Constantinople, then to Vatican and then back to Patras with Pope Paul VI's order.
According to our practical wisdom, "Standrewsontheroof" could well be "a saltire -or a cross- on a roof", indicating a place which is important in the story. We are waiting for our reader's comments on what it could really mean?...
StreetPoet keeps on puzzling us with his alternate names as the myth continues to unroll...