Thursday, August 31, 2006

Words of Love -synopsis-

She pressed the botton of her computer and another day ended for the woman. She reached for her drawer, took out her small make-up bag and went to the lady's room. She carefully looked at her face in the mirror, she stretched her lips showing her teeth to the woman in the mirror. After she refreshed her make-up went back to the office to take her bag and walked towards the lift. She was ready to turn into the woman she liked to be all the time. Her cell phone rang at the moment, a name with a number on the screen, reminded her of the problems that must be solved immediately. She didnt want to go home, see that man and make love to him. She didnt want to answer that phone too but she felt she was obliged to do so, after the phone rang for some time she pressed the blue button and started the talk: "My darling, my meeting is still running now...Yeah, I missed you too my baby... Mmm, let's be together at tomorrow night, is it ok my dear?... I love you too my darling. Goodbye." When the talk was over, she closed the cell phone completely, nobody would reach her for that night.
In a short time, she was sitting at a table in an elegant club by herself. She bought herself a drink first. She lit up her cigarette and took a deep breath, next the smoke that filled her lungs were oozing through her corpulent lips. There were many strangers around her, looking over the glass she checked if anyone was looking at her. Yes, there was somebody, every time there happened to be someone. A neatly dressed handsome young man was sitting at the bar alone, looking at her time to time. She used to be the first one to do the first step secretly and on that night she wouldnt bother doing it again. She casted an evasive look over him. She only looked at his eyes and then down to her table. The club was overcrowded and under the weak light of the flambeau hanging on the walls I had been watching them behind a hide of smoke in the air shifted in slow motion with the music that played. Young man approached woman's table with gentle steps and asked her if he could join her. She accepted the man's offer with a smile. They had a few drinks, talked about the music, the drinks and other personal pleasures as well. This much courage of the woman was impressing the young man. He was looking at her breasts, her lips and deep into her eyes with desire while he was speaking. And woman was observing him too, especially his hands with long and manicured fingers which she had begun to desire having on all over her body. Meanwhile she put her hand slowly on his hand. He called for the waiter. After they paid for the drinks, they left the club together. She was holding his arm as they walked and she was feeling ready for the thrill that she would live in the late hours of the night. They came to the apartment where she lived after a short walk. When she left for the bathroom, he lit another cigarette. He was anxious, his hands were shaking, "he had to kill her".
He was a successful surgeon but his life was an ultimate fiasco. The things that he lived during his childhood made him feel these cold feelings for the women, at first for his mother. "My darling", she called him and with many other words of love... When he looked at the women, he saw his mother touching him with the desire he felt for women. He had seen this dream many times before and this vision had undemandingly caused the deaths of several women. Vampires are far more innocent than the subliminal monsters sleeping inside of man, believe me. It is sometimes very hard for us to dive into the subconscious levels of a psychologically impaired people. I dont think that I fully understood him, I must say there was also a possibility that he himself had made up all these. And someone who has a mental disorder must never pass the treshold. These type of vampires eventually harm themselves or the house of pact that they belong. Actually, I never cared about the pact societies, like they didnt care about the lonely hunters like me. After a long waiting, she got out of the bathroom. The man was looking into the night by the open window. She let the towel on her slide down. She was all naked again, drew near the man and hugged him from behind. While she was taking of his coat she saw the bloody bite on his neck. The man turned his face to the woman and looked into her eyes. It was her death that she saw. But it is not over yet. The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am.