Sunday, May 13, 2007

“2… 3... 4…”

StreetPoet logged in his blog on 22nd of September for the last time. Our mysterious writer who hasnt been seen around since then adds something new to the blog after “2… 3... 4…” days. We added the last two Bakersdozen stories which had been waiting to be published on the blog symbolically since last year. We dont have any idea about the plans for the future but we managed to make a short phone call asking him what he had been doing all this time:
Q: It’s been a long time indeed… why are you back?
A: The time that you call a long time is not so very long for a vampire. That’s why vampires didnt realize how long I had been gone I guess. I felt like I had to write blog entries again. Maybe the things I have to tell isnt over yet. I dont know exactly what has happened to me but it had something to do with my biological clock. Also I have one of those little counters inside me like anyone else. Time has always shown what is going to happen next. We’ll see together what comes next.
Q: Then welcome… what have you been doing all this time?
A: On the contrary of everyone’s expectations I am not a vampire. I have to work, and continue to work to lead my life. I am still doing so. I am doing something I like, “I write”.
My writings are not about vampires, they dont pay me for that, I am not making money out of vampires (laughs). It’s open to discussion whether a writer is a good one if he’s not earning money out of his work. I am finally making money by writing but I am still far away from making money out of what I like to write, I dont expect that. I still like to write what I like to share. What did I do all this time?.. I listened to as much music as I do all times. I spent time on watching things instead of reading books. There are super fantastic series really. I recommend those.
Q: We have heard that you dont watch TV..?? What happened?...
A: I still dont. DVD and movies only.
Q: Are Bakersdozen stories going to continue? Are you going to write anything new about the character?
A: I actually thought of Bakersdozen as the first step of a vampire trilogy. That’s why Bakersdozen is absent in the second volume. However at the end of the first volume there’s hardly anything left to tell about Bakersdozen. The rest is left for the imagination of the readers. I wrote the second volume for women. The main character in the next volume is a heroine. And it’s not a “tredecimal” one, it’s special for Bakersdozen. The last two Bakersdozen stories are on the blog today and it’s sad for the fans that it’s over.
Q: Today is “Mother’s Day” too, got a special note?
A: What a coincidence…Sure. Thanks to all mothers for their creativity and bravery.
Q: Thanx.
A: Anytime bud.