Saturday, June 02, 2007

NEW!!! Beginning "2nd Volume"

It was a night that the stars were glittering like magical gems on the sky. The oldest district of the town with its narrow alleys swept with silence was at temporal peace that came with the night. The shadows that were roaming in the courtyards of the houses facing each other were murmuring with trouble, looking for a place to hide among the branches of the orchard, at the roof tops and in blind corners. The old jeweller was yet awake. He was sitting in the courtyard, his eyes were waiting for the mysterious shadow to enter from the wooden doors. He moved slightly with unease at his place when an inauspicious bluish green light flashed on the eastern side of the town. His hands were sweaty, he walked to the fountain in the garden to wash his face. Before he plunged his hands into the waters still surface, he saw the reflection of the stars in there, he mildly wet his face and took a deep breath for relief. Some of the stars brightness cauht his attention. When he was thinking how these two stars resembled two white light balls rotating around themselves, they began to shift away. He feared as if the sky was to fall upon him. When he raised his head he met with his mysterious visitor with eyes like white light balls. As the old man’s heart paced rapidly, the stranger began to speak with an inhuman voice.
“How bright are the stars tonight”
The man felt that his heart was stricken with fear, he opened up his mouth unable to make any sound.
“I know. You have been waiting for this for all your life. And me? You have no idea how long it has been for me”
The stranger pointed at the sofa. The old man felt the ground moving under his feet and found himself sitting infront of the stranger.
“There’s no time left master. You have to make what I want you to make with the things I brought to you” The man held his head down as if he understood.
“You know what your reward is for that. You cant stya here…”
Tears became visible at the old man’s eyes. He felt like he made a wrong choice but there was no turning back. He had to do what he was supposed to do.
“You will go to the place that I will show you. Somwhere close to here. But you can never come back. I guess I dont have to remind you that you cant go anywhere until I ask of you to do otherwise. I will be watching you”
As the tears rolled down the old man felt cold fingers moving over his face.
“The tears of fate?...Look at me”
The old man look upon the face of a womanlike creature seemed to be made of glass”
“In my eyes, you will see what you have to do. Cut this into five pieces. Each piece will tell you what to do”
The woman dropped in the dark skinned hand of the man a big diamond that shone as if there was a light source within. Then the man looked like he was alive once again, like someone who found a new reason.
“I know you are gifted Ali. It’s something that passed from your ancestors, there wont be any mistakes this time, you know”
The old mans face was sour like he remembered something bad.“Now…You are bound to make it”