Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another vampire fiction series on TV: “Blood Ties”

The vampire fiction TV series “Blood Ties” which has been shown on Canadian TV since 11th March 2007, will be on air again during the fall of this year. The series that were based on and adapted from the “Blood Books” of Tanya Huff, tells the story of a former cop called Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox) who starts working as a private investigator after becoming “retinitis pigmentosa” patient. Vicki tries to solve the mysterious events which take place in the city, with the help of a 450 year old vampire and illegitimate son of Henry the VIII called Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid), her former lover and partner Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal) and her business partner Coreen Fennel (Gina Holden). Blood Ties will premiere in 2007 August in Canada. The series will be shown in the UK this summer and has been sold to France, Germany and Israel too.