Saturday, June 30, 2007

Freedom of a Vampire

What is freedom for a vampire? Maybe the first answer for this question in your mind is “being able to walk in the sun”. Indeed it’s all up to our own point of view. Vampires love the night, they belong to the night. How come we think that they would like to walk around during the day? According to StreetPoet, vampire’s freedom as a concept, is very different than ours.

“Vampires are free creatures. If you think that they spend the whole day in a coffin, never enjoy a sun bath or drink nothing but blood, they may not be your best type of buddy to go on a holiday together. My opinion is that the meaning of freedom in vampire’s world is way more different than ours. Vampires at first dont get older like us, they dont have to spend a fortune on cosmetics and plastic surgery. When they want to go from a place to another, they dont have to use a bus, or a train or a plane (no possibility of a jet lag). With their perfect memory and abilities like telepathy, they dont have to use PDA’s, lap tops or cell phones. You could find a million other examples like these. You will find as many examples as you consider how talented being these vampires are for real. Or even having the idea of gaining a few of these qualities could easily erase our common sense meaning of freedom at once. All these thoughts make me think that freedom is a relative thing. On the other hand, the real meaning of freedom for vampires could well be unacceptable for us.”