Saturday, June 09, 2007

How to Dissappear Completely?...

As is known, vampires are quite talented night creatures. Streetpoet made a research on vampire’s “invisibility power”, here are the results:

“Invisibility is such a talent which is generally obtained by magic or technology and also a case that is theoretically possible. The reflection of light in our eyes is what makes an object visible for us. So invisibility is theoretically obtained by objects which lets the light through (permeability) or dont reflect any light (transparency). There are no 100% transparent objects in evident nature. Besides invisibility depends on what or who is the viewer. When environmental conditions are taken in account, vampires are such creatures who know how to hide well, which makes them invisible easily. Dark places, the choice of black as camouflage or the well considering the victim’s blind spot helps vampires to become invisible without much effort. Vampires’ power of moving faster than light is also a much prefered method for invisibility. A physics experiment in year 2006 proved that an object can be invisible by the help of nanoscale crystals which holds the electrons inside. On the other hand by the help of some costumes called optical camouflage, the background view of an object can be projected at the front. Also some planes which can not be detected by radars are good examples for technically invisible objects.

Beyond being scientific, the use of magic for invisibility is a well known method for vampires too. Vampires who use rings, cloaks or talismans, elixirs or magic spells can also become invisible. Also in the Middle Ages, fern or crystal ball were considered as a magical material to gain invisibility. In the mythology, Leprechauns and Chinese dragons were such creatures which were able to become invisible by reducing their size into smallest bits. Also Perseus had defeated Medusa by the help of an invisibility cloak. Besides, goblins, brownies, ghosts, demons, god and goddesses, angels and devils are among those creature which are all capable of becoming invisible at will. In the Book of Golden Dawn, Artemis Fowl, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Rings or the modern era Harry Potter books, we come across with the invisibility related themes. I Streetpoet must admit my admiration of the Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland” which is able to become partially invisible.

As we return to the vampires again, it’s certain that they are among the best talents in pratice of invisiblity. According to a common belief, they can maintain their invisibility as long as they dont move. But the ones which made a progress in their talents are even able to hunt when invisible. But why should a vampire want to hunt when invisible? Do you think that there are some inconfident vampires who think of letting their victims get away from their hands so easily?...”