Saturday, June 16, 2007

Please do not disturb!!! Room “1048”

Based on a Stephen King short story of the same name “1408”, tells us what happens to Mike Enslin (John Cusack), an author of books on supernatural phenomena, in the haunted room 1408 of the fabled New York City hotel. Despite of the hotel manager Mr Olin’s (Samuel L. Jackson) warnings, Enslin decides to stay at the hotel room and eventually faces the dangers waiting for him. The movie adaptation of the story which was inspired from real-life back page news read by Stephen King himself, has already received some rather bad critics from the first time watchers. The movie which has been considered as another awful movie adaption of Stephen King’s works will draw the fans of the author into the movie halls however. Also the remake of “Pet Sematary” is eagerly anticipated, as being one of the succesful movie adaptations of King, starring George Clooney this time.