Sunday, June 10, 2007

Making career as a vampire…

"Contrary to the widespread belief of vampires being idly roaming asocial parasites, why not believing that some of them prefer to contribute to the community in which they are living? The savagery in the working life (low wages, violation of personal freedom, mobbing, favouritilism etc.) is maybe a much more merciless kind of wild life than the so-called nature of vampires. Indeed, the main reason of why the big bosses are considered as vampires by the the staff is that vampires are often identified as parasites… (oops) … Personally I dont think that even those aristocratic vampires who live in mansions inherited from their ancestors just dont sit doing nothing at all. So what do these vampires do to make a living?... It’s easy to say “I am a vampire, looking for a job…” but the business world is always more interested in what kind of contribution you could make, your talents and your strengths. When you go as “I am a vampire, I can do almost anything”, it’s only a matter of time that you may find yourself picking up the dirty plates in a sunny vacation village. If you dont want an instant suntan, you gotta be careful about chosing a job. Your life style, habits, personality can gice you some clues about your right choice of job.

If you are a vampire who doesnt like talking a lot and you wouldnt mind getting a very qualified work to do, then your best suit is the night shift. You can easily register working late hours as a cleaner in a hotel, a morgue officer in hospitals, a night watcher, a parking lot employee, a security guard or similar jobs. Or you got a sleeping problem and you think that making money instead of sleeping in a coffin is much more rational, then selling tickets at the metro station is a catchy one for you. Or lets say you like talking to people, which means that you dont barely see them as food. Then the night clubs or the bars are waiting for amusing and talkative vampires like you. You can either move behind the counter or do stand-up on the nearby stage. If you have musical abilities and you like the public attention, joining a rock band or playing the DJ could rather be satisfactory for you. Or loud music may be jarring your vampire-sensitive ears abut you got an impressive tone (vampires are often like that), then it may not be a bad idea to work as a night shift operator in a call-center. On the other hand if you are a true blue blood, being the curator of a museum, an art dealer in a gallery or a designer are your tailor made jobs. Let’s say you like free lance jobs… this area is all up to your imagination. You can either hunt down the criminals at nights as an unknown super hero, or direct some horror movies that everyone dies to see the next installment or become a dedicated writer like StreetPoet.

Well, could the A class vampires be succesful in business world?... For instance Count Dracula could turn his own castle into a a profit center of tourism, Elizabeth Bathory and St Germain could invest in helath and beauty products. Being the infamous vampires of “the Vampire Chronicles”, Vampire Armand could make an extra ordinary art dealer, Vampire Lestat a mega rock star and Vampire Louis a top fashion designer without any talents more than what they already have. It’s clear that Blade (from “Blade”) and Selen (from “Underworld”) seem so fond of being the super heros of the night. So here’s the conclusion: Being a vampire doesnt mean that you cant make a career of your own."