Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lucy Liu turns into a vampire hell cat in “Rise:Blood Hunter”

The new vampire movie starring Lucy Liu (Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels) and Marilyn Manson has been completed in Los Angeles. In the movie, Lucy Liu plays a reporter named Sadie Blake who discovers that she is no longer in the world of the living after waking up in a morgue. Instead of joining the legion of the undead, Sadie decides to take revenge on the ones who turned her into a vampire with the help of a police detective. “Gothika” famed Sebastian Gutierrez undertakes the directorship of the movie. For the movie that has been shot in modern “film noir” style, director Gutierrez explains that the story is simple but it has been told in a different way than the other films of the genre. The characters in the movie are far away from the classical vampire myth. The movie may dash the hopes of the movie-goers who expect some Anne Rice kind of gothic atmosphere or Underworld style of action. The director adds up to his speech by saying that he has been moved by “Near Dark” and “The Hunger” in making his movie. It has also been said that Gutierres is currently working on the scenario of Hideo Nakata’s next Hollywood remake “The Eye”.